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[ :as transport]
[ :as misc]
[clojure.set :as set])
(:refer-clojure :exclude (comparator ex-info)))
;; so much backport
(def ^:private ex-info
(or (resolve 'clojure.core/ex-info)
(fn [^String msg data]
(proxy [Exception clojure.lang.IDeref] [msg]
(deref [] data)))))
(defn- var-name
[^clojure.lang.Var v]
(str (.ns v) \/ (.sym v)))
(defn- wrap-conj-descriptor
[descriptor-map h]
(fn [{:keys [op descriptors] :as msg}]
(h (if-not (= op "describe")
(assoc msg :descriptors (merge descriptor-map descriptors))))))
(defn set-descriptor!
"Sets the given [descriptor] map as the ::descriptor metadata on
the provided [middleware-var], after assoc'ing in the var's
fully-qualified name as the descriptor's \"implemented-by\" value."
[middleware-var descriptor]
(let [descriptor (-> descriptor
(assoc :implemented-by (-> middleware-var var-name symbol))
(update-in [:expects] (fnil conj #{}) "describe"))]
(alter-meta! middleware-var assoc ::descriptor descriptor)
(alter-var-root middleware-var #(comp (partial wrap-conj-descriptor
{middleware-var descriptor}) %))))
(defn- safe-version
(into {} (filter (fn [[_ v]] (or (number? v) (string? v))) m)))
(defn- java-version
(let [version-string (System/getProperty "java.version")
version-seq (re-seq #"\d+" version-string)
version-map (if (<= 3 (count version-seq))
(zipmap [:major :minor :incremental :update] version-seq)
(assoc version-map :version-string version-string)))
(defn wrap-describe
(fn [{:keys [op descriptors verbose? transport] :as msg}]
(if (= op "describe")
(transport/send transport (misc/response-for msg
(when-let [aux (reduce
(fn [aux {:keys [describe-fn]}]
(if describe-fn
(merge aux (describe-fn msg))
(vals descriptors))]
{:aux aux})
{:ops (let [ops (apply merge (map :handles (vals descriptors)))]
(if verbose?
(zipmap (keys ops) (repeat {}))))
:versions {:nrepl (safe-version
:clojure (safe-version
(assoc *clojure-version* :version-string (clojure-version)))
:java (safe-version (java-version))}
:status :done})))
(h msg))))
(set-descriptor! #'wrap-describe
{:handles {"describe"
{:doc "Produce a machine- and human-readable directory and documentation for the operations supported by an nREPL endpoint."
:requires {}
:optional {"verbose?" "Include informational detail for each \"op\"eration in the return message."}
:returns {"ops" "Map of \"op\"erations supported by this nREPL endpoint"
"versions" "Map containing version maps (like *clojure-version*, e.g. major, minor, incremental, and qualifier keys) for values, component names as keys. Common keys include \"nrepl\" and \"clojure\"."
"aux" "Map of auxilliary data contributed by all of the active nREPL middleware via :describe-fn functions in their descriptors."}}}})
; eliminate implicit expectation of "describe" handler; this is the only
; special case introduced by the conj'ing of :expects "describe" by set-descriptor!
(alter-meta! #'wrap-describe update-in [::descriptor :expects] disj "describe")
(defn- dependencies
[set start dir]
(let [ops (start dir)
deps (set/select
(comp seq (partial set/intersection ops) :handles)
(when (deps start)
(throw (IllegalArgumentException.
(format "Middleware %s depends upon itself via %s"
(:implemented-by start)
(concat ops
(mapcat #(dependencies set % dir) deps))))
(defn- comparator
[{a-requires :requires a-expects :expects a-handles :handles}
{b-requires :requires b-expects :expects b-handles :handles}]
(or (->> (into {} [[[a-requires b-handles] -1]
[[a-expects b-handles] 1]
[[b-requires a-handles] 1]
[[b-expects a-handles] -1]])
(map (fn [[sets ret]]
(and (seq (apply set/intersection sets)) ret)))
(some #{-1 1}))
(defn- extend-deps
(let [descriptor #(-> % meta ::descriptor)
middlewares (concat middlewares
(->> (map descriptor middlewares)
(mapcat (juxt :expects :requires))
(mapcat identity)
(filter var?)))]
(doseq [m (remove descriptor middlewares)]
(binding [*out* *err*]
(printf "[WARNING] No nREPL middleware descriptor in metadata of %s, see!" m)
(let [middlewares (set (for [m middlewares]
(-> (descriptor m)
; only conj'ing m here to support direct reference to
; middleware dependencies in :expects and :requires,
; e.g. interruptable-eval's dep on
(update-in [:handles] (comp set #(conj % m) keys))
(assoc :implemented-by m))))]
(set (for [m middlewares]
#(update-in % [%2] into (dependencies middlewares % %2))
m #{:expects :requires}))))))
(defn- topologically-sort
"Topologically sorts the given middlewares according to the comparator,
with the added huristic that any middlewares that have no dependencies
will be sorted toward the end."
[comparator stack]
(let [stack (vec stack)
;; using indexes into the above vector as the vertices in the
;; graph algorithm, will translate back into middlewares at
;; the end.
vertices (range (count stack))
edges (for [i1 vertices
i2 (range i1)
:let [x (comparator (stack i1) (stack i2))]
:when (not= 0 x)]
(if (neg? x) [i1 i2] [i2 i1]))
;; the trivial vertices have no connections, and we pull them
;; out here so we can make sure they get put on the end
trivial-vertices (remove (set (apply concat edges)) vertices)]
(loop [sorted-vertices []
remaining-edges edges
remaining-vertices (remove (set trivial-vertices) vertices)]
(if (seq remaining-vertices)
(let [non-initials (->> remaining-edges
(map second)
next-vertex (->> remaining-vertices
(remove non-initials)
(if next-vertex
(recur (conj sorted-vertices next-vertex)
(remove #((set %) next-vertex) remaining-edges)
(remove #{next-vertex} remaining-vertices))
;; Cycle detected! Have to actually assemble a cycle so we
;; can throw a useful error.
(let [start (first remaining-vertices)
step (into {} remaining-edges)
cycle (->> (iterate step start)
(take-while (complement #{start}))
(cons start))
data {:cycle (map stack cycle)}]
(throw (ex-info
"Unable to satisfy nrepl middleware ordering requirements!"
(map stack (concat sorted-vertices trivial-vertices))))))
(defn linearize-middleware-stack
(->> middlewares
(topologically-sort comparator)
(map :implemented-by)))
;;; documentation utilities ;;;
; oh, kill me now
(defn- markdown-escape
[^String s]
(.replaceAll s "([*_])" "\\\\$1"))
(defn- message-slot-markdown
(apply str (for [[k v] msg-slot-docs]
(format "* `%s` %s\n" (pr-str k) (markdown-escape v)))))
(defn- describe-markdown
"Given a message containing the response to a verbose :describe message,
generates a markdown string conveying the information therein, suitable for
use in e.g. wiki pages, github, etc.
(This is currently private because markdown conversion surely shouldn't
be part of the API here...?)"
[{:keys [ops versions]}]
(apply str "# Supported nREPL operations
<small>generated from a verbose 'describe' response (nREPL v"
")</small>\n\n## Operations"
(for [[op {:keys [doc optional requires returns]}] ops]
(str "\n\n### `" (pr-str op) "`\n\n"
(markdown-escape doc) "\n\n"
"###### Required parameters\n\n"
(message-slot-markdown requires)
"\n\n###### Optional parameters\n\n"
(message-slot-markdown optional)
"\n\n###### Returns\n\n"
(message-slot-markdown returns)))))