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(ns ^{:author "Chas Emerick"}
(:require [ :as t]
(:use [ :only (response-for returning)])
(:import clojure.lang.LineNumberingPushbackReader
( StringReader Writer)
(java.util.concurrent ArrayBlockingQueue TimeUnit)))
(def ^{:dynamic true
:doc "The message currently being evaluated."}
*msg* nil)
(defn evaluate
"Evaluates some code within the dynamic context defined by a map of `bindings`,
as per `clojure.core/get-thread-bindings`.
Uses `clojure.main/repl` to drive the evaluation of :code in a second
map argument (either a string or a seq of forms to be evaluated), which may
also optionally specify a :ns (resolved via `find-ns`). The map MUST
contain a Transport implementation in :transport; expression results and errors
will be sent via that Transport.
Returns the dynamic scope that remains after evaluating all expressions
in :code.
It is assumed that `bindings` already contains useful/appropriate entries
for all vars indicated by `clojure.main/with-bindings`."
[bindings {:keys [code ns transport] :as msg}]
(let [bindings (atom (merge bindings (when ns {#'*ns* (-> ns symbol find-ns)})))]
:init (fn [] (push-thread-bindings @bindings))
:read (if (string? code)
(let [reader (LineNumberingPushbackReader. (StringReader. code))]
#(read reader false %2))
(let [q (java.util.concurrent.ArrayBlockingQueue. (count code) false code)]
#(or (.poll q 0 java.util.concurrent.TimeUnit/MILLISECONDS) %2)))
:prompt (fn [])
:need-prompt (constantly false)
; TODO pretty-print?
:print (fn [v]
(reset! bindings (assoc (get-thread-bindings)
#'*3 *2
#'*2 *1
#'*1 v))
(t/send transport (response-for msg
{:value v
:ns (-> *ns* ns-name str)})))
; TODO customizable exception prints
:caught (fn [e]
(let [root-ex (#'clojure.main/root-cause e)]
(when-not (instance? ThreadDeath root-ex)
(reset! bindings (assoc (get-thread-bindings) #'*e e))
(t/send transport (response-for msg {:status :eval-error
:ex (-> e class str)
:root-ex (-> root-ex class str)}))
(clojure.main/repl-caught e)))))
(.flush ^Writer (@bindings #'*out*))
(.flush ^Writer (@bindings #'*err*))))))
#_(defn- pool-size [] (.getPoolSize clojure.lang.Agent/soloExecutor))
(defn interruptible-eval
"Evaluation middleware that supports interrupts. Returns a handler that supports
\"eval\" and \"interrupt\" :op-erations that delegates to the given handler
(fn [{:keys [op session interrupt-id id transport] :as msg}]
(case op
(if-not (:code msg)
(t/send transport (response-for msg :status #{:error :no-code}))
(send-off session
(fn [bindings]
(alter-meta! session assoc
:thread (Thread/currentThread)
:eval-msg msg)
(binding [*msg* msg]
(returning (dissoc (evaluate bindings msg) #'*msg* #'*agent*)
(t/send transport (response-for msg :status :done))
(alter-meta! session dissoc :thread :eval-msg))))))
; interrupts are inherently racy; we'll check the agent's :eval-msg's :id and
; bail if it's different than the one provided, but it's possible for
; that message's eval to finish and another to start before we send
; the interrupt / .stop.
(let [{:keys [id eval-msg ^Thread thread]} (meta session)]
(if (or (not interrupt-id)
(= interrupt-id (:id eval-msg)))
(if-not thread
(t/send transport (response-for msg :status #{:done :session-idle}))
; notify of the interrupted status before we .stop the thread so
; it is received before the standard :done status (thereby ensuring
; that is stays within the scope of a seq
(t/send transport {:status #{:interrupted}
:id (:id eval-msg)
:session id})
(.stop thread)
(t/send transport (response-for msg :status #{:done}))))
(t/send transport (response-for msg :status #{:error :interrupt-id-mismatch :done}))))
(h msg))))
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