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(:refer-clojure :exclude [read read-line read-string char])
(:import (clojure.lang BigInt Numbers PersistentHashMap PersistentHashSet IMeta
RT IReference Symbol Reflector Var IObj
PersistentVector IRecord Namespace LineNumberingPushbackReader)
(java.util ArrayList regex.Pattern regex.Matcher)
;; utils
(defmacro ^:private update! [what f]
(list 'set! what (list f what)))
(defn- char [x]
(when x
(clojure.core/char x)))
;; reader protocols
(defprotocol Reader
(read-char [reader] "Returns the next char from the Reader, nil if the end of stream has been reached")
(peek-char [reader] "Returns the next char from the Reader without removing it from the reader stream"))
(defprotocol IPushbackReader
(unread [reader ch] "Push back a single character on to the stream"))
(defprotocol IndexingReader
(get-line-number [reader])
(get-column-number [reader]))
;; reader deftypes
(deftype StringReader
[^String s s-len ^:unsynchronized-mutable s-pos]
(read-char [reader]
(when (> s-len s-pos)
(let [r (nth s s-pos)]
(update! s-pos inc)
(peek-char [reader]
(when (> s-len s-pos)
(nth s s-pos))))
(deftype InputStreamReader [^InputStream is ^:unsynchronized-mutable ^bytes buf]
(read-char [reader]
(if buf
(let [c (aget buf 0)]
(set! buf nil)
(char c))
(let [c (.read is)]
(when (>= 0 c)
(char c)))))
(peek-char [reader]
(when-not buf
(set! buf (byte-array 1))
(when (== -1 (.read is buf))
(set! buf nil)))
(when buf
(char (aget buf 0)))))
(deftype PushbackReader
[rdr ^objects buf buf-len ^:unsynchronized-mutable buf-pos]
(read-char [reader]
(if (< buf-pos buf-len)
(let [r (aget buf buf-pos)]
(update! buf-pos inc)
(read-char rdr))))
(peek-char [reader]
(if (< buf-pos buf-len)
(aget buf buf-pos)
(peek-char rdr))))
(unread [reader ch]
(when ch
(if (zero? buf-pos) (throw (RuntimeException. "Pushback buffer is full")))
(update! buf-pos dec)
(aset buf buf-pos ch))))
(declare newline?)
(defn- normalize-newline [rdr ch]
(if (identical? \return ch)
(let [c (peek-char rdr)]
(when (identical? \formfeed c)
(read-char rdr))
(deftype IndexingPushbackReader
[rdr ^:unsynchronized-mutable line ^:unsynchronized-mutable column
^:unsynchronized-mutable line-start? ^:unsynchronized-mutable prev]
(read-char [reader]
(when-let [ch (read-char rdr)]
(let [ch (normalize-newline rdr ch)]
(set! prev line-start?)
(set! line-start? (newline? ch))
(when line-start?
(set! column 0)
(update! line inc))
(update! column inc)
(peek-char [reader]
(peek-char rdr))
(unread [reader ch]
(when line-start? (update! line dec))
(set! line-start? prev)
(update! column dec)
(unread rdr ch))
(get-line-number [reader] (int (inc line)))
(get-column-number [reader] (int column)))
(read-char [rdr]
(let [c (.read ^ rdr)]
(when (>= 0 c)
(normalize-newline rdr (char c)))))
(peek-char [rdr]
(when-let [c (read-char rdr)]
(unread rdr c)
(unread [rdr c]
(when c
(.unread ^ rdr (int c)))))
;; getColumnNumber is available only since clojure-1.5.0-beta1
(def ^:private getColumnNumber?
(let [{:keys [minor qualifier]} *clojure-version*]
(and (>= 5 minor)
(not= "alpha"
(when qualifier
(subs qualifier 0 (dec (count qualifier))))))))
(extend LineNumberingPushbackReader
{:get-line-number (fn [rdr] (.getLineNumber ^LineNumberingPushbackReader rdr))
:get-column-number (if getColumnNumber?
(fn [rdr]
(.getColumnNumber ^LineNumberingPushbackReader rdr))
(fn [rdr] 0))})
;; fast check for provided implementations
(defn indexing-reader? [rdr]
(or (instance? rdr)
(instance? clojure.lang.LineNumberingPushbackReader rdr)
(and (not (instance? rdr))
(not (instance? rdr))
(get (:impls IndexingReader) (class rdr)))))
;; predicates
(defn- whitespace?
"Checks whether a given character is whitespace"
(when ch
(or (Character/isWhitespace ^Character ch)
(identical? \, ch))))
(defn- numeric?
"Checks whether a given character is numeric"
[^Character ch]
(when ch
(Character/isDigit ch)))
(defn- comment-prefix?
"Checks whether the character begins a comment."
(identical? \; ch))
(defn- number-literal?
"Checks whether the reader is at the start of a number literal"
[reader initch]
(or (numeric? initch)
(and (or (identical? \+ initch) (identical? \- initch))
(numeric? (peek-char reader)))))
(defn newline? [c]
"Checks whether the character is a newline"
(or (identical? \newline c)
(nil? c)))
;; read helpers
(declare read macros dispatch-macros)
(defn reader-error
"Throws an Exception info, if rdr is an IndexingReader, additional information about column and line number is provided"
[rdr & msg]
(throw (ex-info (apply str msg)
(merge {:type :reader-exception}
(if (indexing-reader? rdr)
{:line (get-line-number rdr)
:column (get-column-number rdr)})))))
(defn macro-terminating? [ch]
(and (not (identical? \# ch))
(not (identical? \' ch))
(not (identical? \: ch))
(macros ch)))
(defn ^String read-token
[rdr initch]
(if-not initch
(reader-error rdr "EOF while reading")
(loop [sb (doto (StringBuilder.) (.append initch))
ch (peek-char rdr)]
(if (or (whitespace? ch)
(macro-terminating? ch)
(nil? ch))
(str sb)
(recur (doto sb (.append (read-char rdr))) (peek-char rdr))))))
(defn read-past
"Read until first character that doesn't match pred, returning
[pred rdr]
(loop [ch (read-char rdr)]
(if (pred ch)
(recur (read-char rdr))
(defn skip-line
"Advances the reader to the end of a line. Returns the reader"
[reader _]
(loop []
(when-not (newline? (read-char reader))
(def ^Pattern int-pattern #"([-+]?)(?:(0)|([1-9][0-9]*)|0[xX]([0-9A-Fa-f]+)|0([0-7]+)|([1-9][0-9]?)[rR]([0-9A-Za-z]+)|0[0-9]+)(N)?")
(def ^Pattern ratio-pattern #"([-+]?[0-9]+)/([0-9]+)")
(def ^Pattern float-pattern #"([-+]?[0-9]+(\.[0-9]*)?([eE][-+]?[0-9]+)?)(M)?")
(defn- match-int
[^Matcher m]
(if (.group m 2)
(if (.group m 8) 0N 0)
(let [negate? (= "-" (.group m 1))
a (cond
(.group m 3) [(.group m 3) 10]
(.group m 4) [(.group m 4) 16]
(.group m 5) [(.group m 5) 8]
(.group m 7) [(.group m 7) (Integer/parseInt (.group m 6))]
:else [nil nil])
^String n (a 0)
^int radix (a 1)]
(when n
(let [bn (BigInteger. n radix)
bn (if negate? (.negate bn) bn)]
(if (.group m 8)
(BigInt/fromBigInteger bn)
(if (< (.bitLength bn) 64)
(.longValue bn)
(BigInt/fromBigInteger bn))))))))
(defn- match-ratio
[^Matcher m]
(let [^String numerator (.group m 1)
^String denominator (.group m 2)
numerator (if (.startsWith numerator "+")
(subs numerator 1)
(/ (-> numerator BigInteger. BigInt/fromBigInteger Numbers/reduceBigInt)
(-> denominator BigInteger. BigInt/fromBigInteger Numbers/reduceBigInt))))
(defn- match-float
[^String s ^Matcher m]
(if (.group m 4)
(BigDecimal. ^String (.group m 1))
(Double/parseDouble s)))
(defn match-number [^String s]
(let [int-matcher (.matcher int-pattern s)]
(if (.matches int-matcher)
(match-int int-matcher)
(let [float-matcher (.matcher float-pattern s)]
(if (.matches float-matcher)
(match-float s float-matcher)
(let [ratio-matcher (.matcher ratio-pattern s)]
(when (.matches ratio-matcher)
(match-ratio ratio-matcher))))))))
(defn- parse-symbol [^String token]
(when-not (= "" token)
(let [ns-idx (inc (.indexOf token "/"))]
(if-let [ns (and (pos? ns-idx) (subs token 0 (dec ns-idx)))]
(when-not (== ns-idx (count token))
(let [sym (subs token ns-idx)]
(when (and (not (numeric? (nth sym 0)))
(not (= "" sym))
(or (= sym "/")
(== -1 (.indexOf sym "/"))))
[ns sym])))
[nil token]))))
(declare read-tagged)
(defn read-dispatch
[rdr _]
(if-let [ch (read-char rdr)]
(if-let [dm (dispatch-macros ch)]
(dm rdr ch)
(if-let [obj (read-tagged (doto rdr (unread ch)) ch)] ;; ctor reader is implemented as a taggged literal
(reader-error rdr "No dispatch macro for " ch)))
(reader-error rdr "EOF while reading character")))
(defn read-unmatched-delimiter
[rdr ch]
(reader-error rdr "Unmatched delimiter " ch))
;; readers
(def read-comment skip-line)
(defn read-unicode-char
([^String token offset length base]
(let [l (+ offset length)]
(when-not (== (count token) l)
(throw (IllegalArgumentException. (str "Invalid unicode character: \\" token))))
(loop [i offset uc 0]
(if (== i l)
(char uc)
(let [d (Character/digit ^char (nth token i) ^int base)]
(if (== d -1)
(throw (IllegalArgumentException. (str "Invalid digit: " (nth token i))))
(recur (inc i) (long (+ d (* uc base))))))))))
([rdr initch base length exact?]
(loop [i 1 uc (Character/digit ^char initch ^int base)]
(if (== uc -1)
(throw (IllegalArgumentException. (str "Invalid digit: " initch)))
(if-not (== i length)
(let [ch (peek-char rdr)]
(if (or (whitespace? ch)
(macros ch)
(nil? ch))
(if exact?
(throw (IllegalArgumentException.
(str "Invalid character length: " i ", should be: " length)))
(char uc))
(let [d (Character/digit ^char ch ^int base)]
(read-char rdr)
(if (== d -1)
(throw (IllegalArgumentException. (str "Invalid digit: " ch)))
(recur (inc i) (long (+ d (* uc base))))))))
(char uc))))))
(let [upper-limit (int \uD799)
lower-limit (int \uE000)]
(defn read-char*
[rdr backslash]
(let [ch (read-char rdr)]
(if-not (nil? ch)
(let [token (read-token rdr ch)
token-len (count token)]
(== 1 token-len) (Character/valueOf (nth token 0))
(= token "newline") \newline
(= token "space") \space
(= token "tab") \tab
(= token "backspace") \backspace
(= token "formfeed") \formfeed
(= token "return") \return
(.startsWith token "u")
(let [c (read-unicode-char token 1 4 16)
ic (int c)]
(if (and (> ic upper-limit)
(< ic lower-limit))
(reader-error rdr "Invalid character constant: \\u" (Integer/toString ic 16))
(.startsWith token "x")
(read-unicode-char token 1 2 16)
(.startsWith token "o")
(let [len (dec token-len)]
(if (> len 3)
(reader-error rdr "Invalid octal escape sequence length: " len)
(let [uc (read-unicode-char token 1 len 8)]
(if (> (int uc) 0377)
(reader-error rdr "Octal escape sequence must be in range [0, 377]")
:else (reader-error rdr "Unsupported character: \\" token)))
(reader-error rdr "EOF while reading character")))))
(defn ^PersistentVector read-delimited-list
[delim rdr recursive?]
(let [first-line (when (indexing-reader? rdr)
(get-line-number rdr))
delim ^char delim]
(loop [a (transient [])]
(let [ch (read-past whitespace? rdr)]
(when-not ch
(reader-error rdr "EOF while reading"
(if first-line
(str ", starting at line" first-line))))
(if (identical? delim ^char ch)
(persistent! a)
(if-let [macrofn (macros ch)]
(let [mret (macrofn rdr ch)]
(recur (if-not (identical? mret rdr) (conj! a mret) a)))
(let [o (read (doto rdr (unread ch)) true nil recursive?)]
(recur (if-not (identical? o rdr) (conj! a o) a)))))))))
(defn read-list
[rdr _]
(let [[line column] (when (indexing-reader? rdr)
[(get-line-number rdr) (dec (get-column-number rdr))])
the-list (read-delimited-list \) rdr true)]
(if (empty? the-list)
(if-not line
(clojure.lang.PersistentList/create the-list)
(with-meta (clojure.lang.PersistentList/create the-list) {:line line :column column})))))
(defn read-vector
[rdr _]
(read-delimited-list \] rdr true))
(defn read-map
[rdr _]
(let [l (to-array (read-delimited-list \} rdr true))]
(when (== 1 (bit-and (alength l) 1))
(reader-error rdr "Map literal must contain an even number of forms"))
(RT/map l)))
(defn read-number
[reader initch]
(loop [sb (doto (StringBuilder.) (.append initch))
ch (read-char reader)]
(if (or (whitespace? ch) (macros ch) (nil? ch))
(let [s (str sb)]
(unread reader ch)
(or (match-number s)
(reader-error reader "Invalid number format [" s "]")))
(recur (doto sb (.append ch)) (read-char reader)))))
(defn escape-char [sb rdr]
(let [ch (read-char rdr)]
(case ch
\t "\t"
\r "\r"
\n "\n"
\\ "\\"
\" "\""
\b "\b"
\f "\f"
\u (let [ch (read-char rdr)]
(if (== -1 (Character/digit ^char ch 16))
(reader-error rdr "Invalid unicode escape: \\u" ch)
(read-unicode-char rdr ch 16 4 true)))
\x (let [ch (read-char rdr)]
(if (== -1 (Character/digit ^char ch 16))
(reader-error rdr "Invalid unicode escape: \\x" ch)
(read-unicode-char rdr ch 16 2 true)))
(if (numeric? ch)
(let [ch (read-unicode-char rdr ch 8 3 false)]
(if (> (int ch) 0337)
(reader-error rdr "Octal escape sequence must be in range [0, 377]")
(reader-error rdr "Unsupported escape character: \\" ch)))))
(defn read-string*
[reader _]
(loop [sb (StringBuilder.)
ch (read-char reader)]
(case ch
nil (reader-error reader "EOF while reading string")
\\ (recur (doto sb (.append (escape-char sb reader)))
(read-char reader))
\" (str sb)
(recur (doto sb (.append ch)) (read-char reader)))))
(defn read-symbol
[rdr initch]
(when-let [token (read-token rdr initch)]
(case token
;; special symbols
"nil" nil
"true" true
"false" false
"/" '/
"NaN" Double/NaN
"-Infinity" Double/NEGATIVE_INFINITY
("Infinity" "+Infinity") Double/POSITIVE_INFINITY
(or (when-let [p (parse-symbol token)]
(symbol (p 0) (p 1)))
(reader-error rdr "Invalid token: " token)))))
(def ^:dynamic *alias-map* nil)
(defn- resolve-ns [sym]
(or ((or *alias-map*
(ns-aliases *ns*)) sym)
(find-ns sym)))
(defn read-keyword
[reader initch]
(let [ch (read-char reader)]
(if-not (whitespace? ch)
(let [token (read-token reader ch)
s (parse-symbol token)]
(if (and s (== -1 (.indexOf token "::")))
(let [^String ns (s 0)
^String name (s 1)]
(if (identical? \: (nth token 0))
(if ns
(let [ns (resolve-ns (symbol (subs ns 1)))]
(if ns
(keyword (str ns) name)
(reader-error reader "Invalid token: :" token)))
(keyword (str *ns*) (subs name 1)))
(keyword ns name)))
(reader-error reader "Invalid token: :" token)))
(reader-error reader "Invalid token: :"))))
(defn desugar-meta
(symbol? f) {:tag f}
(string? f) {:tag f}
(keyword? f) {f true}
:else f))
(defn wrapping-reader
(fn [rdr _]
(list sym (read rdr true nil true))))
(defn throwing-reader
(fn [rdr _]
(reader-error rdr msg)))
(defn read-meta
[rdr _]
(let [[line column] (when (indexing-reader? rdr)
[(get-line-number rdr) (dec (get-column-number rdr))])
m (desugar-meta (read rdr true nil true))]
(when-not (map? m)
(reader-error rdr "Metadata must be Symbol, Keyword, String or Map"))
(let [o (read rdr true nil true)]
(if (instance? IMeta o)
(let [m (if (and line
(seq? o))
(assoc m :line line
:column column)
(if (instance? IObj o)
(with-meta o (merge (meta o) m))
(reset-meta! o m)))
(reader-error rdr "Metadata can only be applied to IMetas")))))
(defn read-set
[rdr _]
(PersistentHashSet/createWithCheck (read-delimited-list \} rdr true)))
(defn read-regex
[rdr ch]
(let [sb (StringBuilder.)]
(loop [ch (read-char rdr)]
(if (identical? \" ch)
(Pattern/compile (str sb))
(if (nil? ch)
(reader-error rdr "EOF while reading regex")
(.append sb ch )
(when (identical? \\ ch)
(let [ch (read-char rdr)]
(if (nil? ch)
(reader-error rdr "EOF while reading regex"))
(.append sb ch)))
(recur (read-char rdr))))))))
(defn read-discard
[rdr _]
(read rdr true nil true)
(def ^:private ^:dynamic arg-env nil)
(defn- garg [n]
(symbol (str (if (== -1 n) "rest" (str "p" n))
"__" (RT/nextID) "#")))
(defn read-fn
[rdr _]
(if arg-env
(throw (IllegalStateException. "Nested #()s are not allowed")))
(with-bindings {#'arg-env (sorted-map)}
(unread rdr \()
(let [form (read rdr true nil true) ;; this sets bindings
rargs (rseq arg-env)
args (if rargs
(let [higharg (key (first rargs))]
(if (pos? higharg)
(let [args (loop [i 1 args (transient [])]
(if (> i higharg)
(persistent! args)
(recur (inc i) (conj! args (or (get arg-env i)
(garg i))))))
args (if (arg-env -1)
(conj args '& (arg-env -1))
(list 'fn* args form))))
(defn register-arg [n]
(if arg-env
(if-let [ret (arg-env n)]
(let [g (garg n)]
(set! arg-env (assoc arg-env n g))
(throw (IllegalStateException. "Arg literal not in #()")))) ;; should never hit this
(declare read-symbol)
(defn read-arg
[rdr pct]
(if-not arg-env
(read-symbol rdr pct)
(let [ch (peek-char rdr)]
(if (or (whitespace? ch)
(macro-terminating? ch)
(nil? ch))
(register-arg 1)
(let [n (read rdr true nil true)]
(if (= n '&)
(register-arg -1)
(if-not (number? n)
(throw (IllegalStateException. "Arg literal must be %, %& or %integer"))
(register-arg n))))))))
(defn read-eval
[rdr _]
(when-not *read-eval*
(reader-error rdr "#= not allowed when *read-eval* is false"))
(let [o (read rdr true nil true)]
(if (symbol? o)
(RT/classForName (str ^Symbol o))
(if (list? o)
(let [fs (first o)
o (rest o)
fs-name (name fs)]
(= fs 'var) (let [vs (first o)]
(RT/var (namespace vs) (name vs)))
(.endsWith fs-name ".")
(let [args (to-array o)]
(-> fs-name (subs 0 (dec (count fs-name)))
RT/classForName (Reflector/invokeConstructor args)))
(Compiler/namesStaticMember fs)
(let [args (to-array o)]
(Reflector/invokeStaticMethod (namespace fs) fs-name args))
(let [v (Compiler/maybeResolveIn *ns* fs)]
(if (var? v)
(apply v o)
(reader-error rdr "Can't resolve " fs)))))
(throw (IllegalArgumentException. "Unsupported #= form"))))))
(def ^:private ^:dynamic gensym-env nil)
(defn read-unquote
[rdr comma]
(if-let [ch (peek-char rdr)]
(if (identical? \@ ch)
((wrapping-reader 'clojure.core/unquote-splicing) (doto rdr read-char) \@)
((wrapping-reader 'clojure.core/unquote) rdr \~))))
(declare syntax-quote)
(defn unquote-splicing? [form]
(and (seq? form)
(= (first form) 'clojure.core/unquote-splicing)))
(defn unquote? [form]
(and (seq? form)
(= (first form) 'clojure.core/unquote)))
(defn- expand-list [s]
(loop [s (seq s) r (transient [])]
(if s
(let [item (first s)
ret (conj! r
(unquote? item) (list 'clojure.core/list (second item))
(unquote-splicing? item) (second item)
:else (list 'clojure.core/list (syntax-quote item))))]
(recur (next s) ret))
(seq (persistent! r)))))
(defn- flatten-map [form]
(loop [s (seq form) key-vals (transient [])]
(if s
(let [e (first s)]
(recur (next s) (-> key-vals
(conj! (key e))
(conj! (val e)))))
(seq (persistent! key-vals)))))
(defn- register-gensym [sym]
(if-not gensym-env
(throw (IllegalStateException. "Gensym literal not in syntax-quote")))
(or (get gensym-env sym)
(let [gs (symbol (str (subs (name sym)
0 (dec (count (name sym))))
"__" (RT/nextID) "__auto__"))]
(set! gensym-env (assoc gensym-env sym gs))
(defn- resolve-symbol [s]
(if (pos? (.indexOf (name s) "."))
(if-let [ns-str (namespace s)]
(let [^Namespace ns (resolve-ns (symbol ns-str))]
(if (or (nil? ns)
(= (name (ns-name ns)) ns-str)) ;; not an alias
(symbol (name (.name ns)) (name s))))
(if-let [o ((ns-map *ns*) s)]
(if (class? o)
(symbol (.getName ^Class o))
(if (var? o)
(symbol (-> ^Var o .ns .name name) (-> ^Var o .sym name))))
(symbol (name (ns-name *ns*)) (name s))))))
(defn- add-meta [form ret]
(if (and (instance? IObj form)
(dissoc (meta form) :line :column))
(list 'clojure.core/with-meta ret (syntax-quote (meta form)))
(defn- syntax-quote-coll [type coll]
(let [res (list 'clojure.core/seq
(cons 'clojure.core/concat
(expand-list coll)))]
(if type
(list 'clojure.core/apply type res)
(defn syntax-quote [form]
(special-symbol? form) (list 'quote form)
(symbol? form)
(list 'quote
(if (namespace form)
(let [maybe-class ((ns-map *ns*)
(symbol (namespace form)))]
(if (class? class)
(symbol (.getName ^Class maybe-class) (name form))
(resolve-symbol form)))
(let [sym (name form)]
(.endsWith sym "#")
(register-gensym form)
(.startsWith sym ".")
(.endsWith sym ".")
(let [csym (symbol (subs sym 0 (dec (count sym))))]
(symbol (.concat (name (resolve-symbol csym)) ".")))
:else (resolve-symbol form)))))
(unquote? form) (second form)
(unquote-splicing? form) (throw (IllegalStateException. "splice not in list"))
(coll? form)
(instance? IRecord form) form
(map? form) (syntax-quote-coll 'clojure.core/hash-map (flatten-map form))
(vector? form) (syntax-quote-coll 'clojure.core/vector form)
(set? form) (syntax-quote-coll 'clojure.core/hash-set form)
(or (seq? form) (list? form))
(let [seq (seq form)]
(if seq
(syntax-quote-coll nil seq)
:else (throw (UnsupportedOperationException. "Unknown Collection type")))
(or (keyword? form)
(number? form)
(char? form)
(string? form))
:else (list 'quote form))
(add-meta form)))
(defn read-syntax-quote
[rdr backquote]
(with-bindings {#'gensym-env {}}
(-> (read rdr true nil true)
(defn macros [ch]
(case ch
\" read-string*
\: read-keyword
\; read-comment
\' (wrapping-reader 'quote)
\@ (wrapping-reader 'clojure.core/deref)
\^ read-meta
\` read-syntax-quote ;;(wrapping-reader 'syntax-quote)
\~ read-unquote
\( read-list
\) read-unmatched-delimiter
\[ read-vector
\] read-unmatched-delimiter
\{ read-map
\} read-unmatched-delimiter
\\ read-char*
\% read-arg
\# read-dispatch
(defn dispatch-macros [ch]
(case ch
\^ read-meta ;deprecated
\' (wrapping-reader 'var)
\( read-fn
\= read-eval
\{ read-set
\< (throwing-reader "Unreadable form")
\" read-regex
\! read-comment
\_ read-discard
(defn read-tagged* [rdr tag f]
(let [o (read rdr true nil true)]
(f o)))
(defn read-ctor [rdr class-name]
(let [class (RT/classForName (name class-name))
ch (read-past whitespace? rdr)] ;; differs from clojure
(if-let [[end-ch form] (case ch
\[ [\] :short]
\{ [\} :extended]
(let [entries (to-array (read-delimited-list end-ch rdr true))
all-ctors (.getConstructors class)
ctors-num (count all-ctors)]
(case form
(loop [i 0]
(if (> i ctors-num)
(reader-error rdr "Unexpected number of constructor arguments to " (str class)
": got" (count entries))
(if (== (count (.getParameterTypes ^Constructor (aget all-ctors i)))
(Reflector/invokeConstructor class entries)
(recur (inc i)))))
(let [vals (RT/map entries)]
(loop [s (keys vals)]
(if s
(if-not (keyword? (first s))
(reader-error rdr "Unreadable ctor form: key must be of type clojure.lang.Keyword")
(recur (next s)))))
(Reflector/invokeStaticMethod class "create" (object-array [vals])))))
(reader-error rdr "Invalid reader constructor form"))))
(defn read-tagged [rdr initch]
(let [tag (read rdr true nil false)]
(if-not (symbol? tag)
(reader-error rdr "Reader tag must be a symbol"))
(if-let [f (or (*data-readers* tag)
(default-data-readers tag))]
(read-tagged* rdr tag f)
(if (.contains (name tag) ".")
(read-ctor rdr tag)
(reader-error rdr "No reader function for tag " (name tag))))))
;; Public API
(defn string-reader
"Creates a StringReader from a given string"
([^String s]
(StringReader. s (count s) 0)))
(defn string-push-back-reader
"Creates a PushbackReader from a given string"
(string-push-back-reader s 1))
([^String s buf-len]
(PushbackReader. (string-reader s) (object-array buf-len) buf-len buf-len)))
(defn input-stream-reader
"Creates an InputStreamReader from an InputString"
(InputStreamReader. is nil))
(defn input-stream-push-back-reader
"Creates a PushbackReader from a given InputString"
(input-stream-push-back-reader is 1))
([^InputStream is buf-len]
(PushbackReader. (input-stream-reader is) (object-array buf-len) buf-len buf-len)))
(defn indexing-push-back-reader
"Creates an IndexingPushbackReader from a given string or Reader"
(indexing-push-back-reader s-or-rdr 1))
([s-or-rdr buf-len]
(if (string? s-or-rdr) (string-push-back-reader s-or-rdr buf-len) s-or-rdr) 0 1 true nil)))
(defn read
"Reads the first object from an IPushbackReader or a
Returns the object read. If EOF, throws if eof-error? is true. Otherwise returns sentinel."
([] (read *in*))
([reader] (read reader true nil))
([reader eof-error? sentinel] (read reader eof-error? sentinel false))
([^ reader eof-error? sentinel recursive?]
(let [ch (read-char reader)]
(whitespace? ch) (read reader eof-error? sentinel recursive?)
(nil? ch) (if eof-error? (reader-error reader "EOF") sentinel)
(number-literal? reader ch) (read-number reader ch)
(comment-prefix? ch) (read (read-comment reader ch) eof-error? sentinel recursive?)
:else (let [f (macros ch)]
(if f
(let [res (f reader ch)]
(if (identical? res reader)
(read reader eof-error? sentinel recursive?)
(read-symbol reader ch)))))
(catch Exception e
(if (instance? clojure.lang.ExceptionInfo e)
(throw e)
(throw (ex-info (.getMessage e)
(merge {:type :reader-exception}
(if (indexing-reader? reader)
{:line (get-line-number reader)
:column (get-column-number reader)}))
(defn read-string
"Reads one object from the string s"
(read (string-push-back-reader s) true nil false))
(defn read-line
"Reads a line from the reader or from *in* if no reader is specified"
([] (read-line *in*))
(if (or (instance? LineNumberingPushbackReader rdr)
(instance? rdr))
(clojure.core/read-line rdr)
(loop [c (read-char rdr) s (StringBuilder.)]
(if (newline? c)
(str s)
(recur (read-char rdr) (.append s c)))))))
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