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(ns com.clojurebook.CustomException
(:gen-class :extends RuntimeException
:implements [clojure.lang.IDeref]
:constructors {[java.util.Map String] [String]
[java.util.Map String Throwable] [String Throwable]}
:state info
:init init
:methods [[getInfo [] java.util.Map]
[addInfo [Object Object] void]]))
(import 'com.clojurebook.CustomException)
(defn- -init
([info message]
[[message] (atom (into {} info))])
([info message ex]
[[message ex] (atom (into {} info))]))
(defn- -deref
[^CustomException this]
@(.info this))
(defn- -getInfo
(defn- -addInfo
[^CustomException this key value]
(swap! (.info this) assoc key value))
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