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+## _Clojure Programming_, Chapter 9
+### Annotations
+This project contains two examples related to using Java
+annotations from within Clojure.
+#### Defining JUnit 4.x tests in Clojure
+namespace defines a Java class using `gen-class` that defines three
+methods, each of which has an `org.junit.JUnitTest` annotation applied.
+Two of these tests are designed to fail (to demonstrate the expected
+effects of the annotations). All tests may be run via the standard
+JUnit test runner with:
+mvn test
+#### Defining JAX-RS services in Clojure
+namespace defines a Java class using `deftype` that has a single `greet`
+method. That method, its argument, and the class itself each have
+`` annotations applied, which defines how the class and
+method should be exposed as an HTTP endpoint.
+To test this, start a REPL with `mvn clojure:repl`, and start the web
+service using the Grizzly embedded container:
+ "http://localhost:8180/"
+ {"" "com.clojurebook.annotations.jaxrs"})
+In another terminal, you can get the web service's WADL at
+$ curl http://localhost:8180/application.wadl
+<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
+<application xmlns="">
+ <doc xmlns:jersey="" jersey:generatedBy="Jersey: 1.8 06/24/2011 12:17 PM"/>
+ <resources base="http://localhost:8180/">
+ <resource path="/greet/{visitorname}">
+ <param xmlns:xs="" type="xs:string" style="template" name="visitorname"/>
+ <method name="GET" id="greet">
+ <response>
+ <representation mediaType="text/plain"/>
+ </response>
+ </method>
+ </resource>
+ </resources>
+…and you can call the `greet` service implemented via the `deftype`
+$ curl http://localhost:8180/greet/Rose
+Hello Rose!
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