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Clojure Programming, Chapter 9


This project contains examples related to using gen-class to generate Java-style classes from within Clojure.

"Wrapping" a Clojure API with a Java-friendly class

The com.clojurebook.imaging namespace defines a Clojure API for loading and resizing images. It then uses gen-class to produce a Java class (ResizeImage in the default package) whose static utility methods delegate to the API's resize-image function.

You can see this in action by first building an uberjar containing all of the code in the project, and its dependencies:

$ lein uberjar

Then you can choose to run either ResizeImage directly:

$ java -cp target/gen-class-1.0.0-standalone.jar ResizeImage clojure.png small.png 0.3

…or you can run a Java shim class that calls into ResizeImage to demonstrate that Java->Clojure interop:

$ java -cp target/gen-class-1.0.0-standalone.jar ResizeClient clojure.png java-small.png 0.3

A custom Exception type

The com.clojurebook.CustomException namespace defines a custom Exception subclass that has a couple of interesting properties:

  • a java.util.Map value can be provided when constructing an instance of CustomException
  • CustomException implements Clojure's IDeref interface, so instances can be dereferenced (i.e. @e) to easily obtain the aforementioned java.util.Map.

The BatchJob class shows an example of using this custom Exception type from Java. Assuming you've built an uberjar (lein uberjar), you can run BatchJob's main method, which echos the contents of the exception's info map:

$ java -cp target/gen-class-1.0.0-standalone.jar BatchJobError! Operation failed {"timestamp" 1333488510315, "customer-id" 89045, "priority" "critical", "jobId" "verify-billings"}