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This wiki is for organizers of the Berlin chapter of ClojureBridge. Maybe you're looking for our website?

We are currently taking a break from organizing. Feel free to have a look at our documentation on how we organized the workshops.



Code of Conduct

We follow the Berlin code of Conduct. Organizers should read up on the "Responding to Incidents" document from the GeekFeminism wiki


Organizing an event like ClojureBridge is 90% communication. We use different channels for different reasons, so it's important to know what goes where.

This wiki is for documenting our own process. By documenting things here we save ourselves work for the next workshop. Things that are only relevant do not go into the wiki, but instead go into...

Github issues are used both as a forum, and as a logbook by the core team. We open a thread for each major topic like sponsoring, attendee care, venue, and use those to keep track of progress.

We now trying out the new GitHub Projects Feature over the previous, oft neglected Trello board. This means we are still using the issues as before, but we need more actionable issues as well. Not all issues will go into the project — we are still trying out how this will work.

Daily banter happens in the Slack channel. Keep in mind that not everyone will see what you post in Slack, and eventually your posts will disappear or at least become hard to find. Make sure anything of importance also ends up in the wiki or in the Github issues. (If you do not have access yet, please contact Jelle, Franka, or Ben, who have invite rights.)


Responsibilities are split into different teams. All the teams can hang out together on Slack.

Core Team

Do the planning, organizing, finances, arrange the venue, catering, deal with attendees, coaches, etc.

  • Meet every 3 to 4 weeks
  • Get notifications from the Github issues to stay in the loop
  • Get access to the Google account (forms, sheets, drive, email)
  • Should set up email forwarding from the Gmail account to their own email
  • Maintain the GitHub Project board


Someone of the core team attends the monthly ClojureBridge Board meetings, to keep in touch with the ClojureBridge organization.

Volunteer Team

Everyone who wants to help can be part of the volunteer team. You can invest as much or as little time as you have available.

The main place to watch for things you can do is issues on this project and the github project tracker. If you need help or info to complete a task you can ask for it on Slack.

The best thing to do is to meet occasionally in small groups to work on stuff together.

Curriculum Team

The ClojureBridge Berlin curriculum and Community docs are always in need of some love and attention.

We have forked and adapted the curriculum specifically for Berlin. The central ClojureBridge curriculum could use love, too. 🤝 People of this team can sign up to the ClojureBridge Curriculum Google Group, and use that and the Github repo to coordinate with other ClojureBridge chapters.

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