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Survey results from 5/17/2014

Total respondants = 20

  1. How likely are you to recommend a ClojureBridge workshop to a friend or colleage?
  • Very likely = 18
  • Somewhat likely = 2
  • Neutral = 0
  • Somehwat likely = 0
  • Very unlikely = 0
  1. What was great?
  2. Organized well, volunteers enthusiastic and knowledgeable
  3. Nic is good at breaking things down to a learnable state. Neat environment too. Also, lots of volunteers is great. Even when my "regulars" were busy I could flag someone down.
  4. Being a first timer with literally no experience, having the TA was priceless. Without Nate I would have rage quit and run away.
  5. Interactions with tutors. framework. approach (small lectures, long lab)
  6. The people (organizers, volunteers, TA's, participants)! The install directions were also awesome - very clear for beginners.
  7. Curriculum well organized. FOOD! Lightning talks. Mentors.
  8. People: TA's were extremely helpful and patient both Friday night and all day Saturday.
  9. The people - presenters + participants. Everyone is so open and happly to be here.
  10. Love that we each wrote + ran our own examples - allowed flexibility + self pacing.
  11. one on 2 (or 3) helped. It was invaluable to get real time feedback.
  12. felt ery comfortable/welcoming to someone very new
  13. The time in between sessions was excellent! Time to play and focused exercises. Going through 4clojure exercises in the morning between sessions was really helpful too.
  14. The number of volunteers who were available for help and good food
  15. The great assistance from the TA (ratio 1/1)
  16. The TA to student ratio
  17. Plenty of indiv. attention from volunteers. Overall pedagogy is A+!
  18. Very informative and gave me a pretty solid understanding (I hope) of the basics of Clojure
  19. Everything! The Community of passionate progammers who want to learn and pass-on knowledge. The day was well organized. The space was perfect. The food was Fabulous. My team lead/TA.
  20. Everything - Professionalism, warmth, patience.
  21. Level of support and food.
  22. What should we change?
  23. Make 2 days?
  24. More time on functions before embedding them in other functions. My brain popped a little.
  25. I liked it. Can't think of anything to change.
  26. Make the app build a more integral part of the exercises
  27. The timing for modules 1,2 - tehy could be shorter to leave more time for later modules. Also I really like the web app project idea and think it's worth trying to make the timing work to do it.
  28. Environment was kind of loud for me. Chairs were uncomfortable.
  29. More interactive teaching - scribbling or a whiteboard is sometimes more effective.
  30. Break out by ability? more intro/language details up front?
  31. Slower intro to functions, carefully order curriculum.
  32. faster pace in AM (1-3), spend more time on 4-6/7 (easier to get lost)
  33. not sure...
  34. It could be nice to have done the git commit, and upload to heroku to see teh web page.
  35. Module 1 during installfest. Gives more time to functions.
  36. Introduce IRC (or other chat) at the start -- would be great to have class-wide discussion ability - give students ability to help each other (learn than doing) and socialize more widely). Also more likely to keep using it. Why is this survey on paper? Emphasize that all exercises can be done later/optional; observed some people getting frustrated b/c they didn't finish everything.
  37. More time for the functions module / a second day to fit everything in.
  38. I think putting things into context For people (especially people that are newbies). What are people/industries currently using Clojure to do? Why Clojure vs. Java, Ruby, etc.? Can I get a job iF I keep perfecting my knowledge of this one language? What should I spect to learn and do after this ClojureBridge? What should I be able to accomplish now that I have installed everything I installed the first night? What is the significance oF each oF teh software/etc. I installed? I think a one page piece that described what weach piece software/etc. did beforehand would have been helpful.
  39. Not change, but refine - the 1st track is confusing at times (as in anything new, little tweaks)
  40. The amount of material for Track 2 is daunting. (PT3)
  41. What else would you like us to know?
  42. Next workshop schedule, if possible
  43. I had fun :)
  44. I don't know because I have nothing to compare or think about.
  45. We need a "next steps" / follow-up coards w/extended concepts.
  46. I'd love to see a lightning round that's a showcase of Clojure projects to show what "everything" is that you can do with Clojure.
  47. Thanks for offering this ClojureBridge for free to Women only. Makes for a great environment. Hope to get involved further in the future!
  48. Thank you! This was work. thank you.
  49. Great Job - thanks! TA's were great!
  50. I would love beginner "hackathons" - do a programming idea that people can complete in 3-5 hours we can use to practice in practical ways.
  51. recommend saving previous exercises - I lost some due to LightTable lockup and lost time trying to redo mod 5 that I needed to figure out 5. suggest reading tutorials to repapre if one is so inclined?
  52. Really helpful doing this after railsbridge.
  53. It could be nice to start directly with functions and the basics be like the requirements to set the computer to arrived to the end of the curriculum.
  54. This was great!
  55. I enjoyed the workshop very much! :)
  56. I really appreciate the opportunity to be here today and the people who gave their time and talent to make it possible!!
  57. I am very happy I attended. (gave email to be added to mailing list)

In-class question responses

How did you hear about ClojureBridge? (teacher responses are omitted)

We went around the room and had them answer a few questions, not everyone responded to this particular question.

From someone at (5)     *****
A friend (not from (5)  *****
RailsBridge (2)                    **
Open Twin Cities mailing list (1)  *
Tech Lady Mafia (1)                *
Java User Group (1)                *

What would you like to use Clojure for?

We just asked people to shout out responses for this.

Data visualization and/or Big data (4)  ****
Gaming (2)                              **
Web stuff (1)                           *
Java interop (1)                        *