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This wiki page is for suggestions for Clojure/conj 2015 "Unsessions". Unsessions give you the opportunity to propose your own topics and find others with similar interests. We'll have several rooms available at the conference hotel on the night of Monday, Nov 16th.

  • When: Monday November 16th, 7-10 pm (1 hour slots)
  • Where: Sheraton Society Hill
  • Equipment: see headers below

Schedule (PLEASE DO NOT CHANGE - email for updates):

Time Room 1 (AV) Room 2 (AV) Room 3 (AV) Room 4 (no AV)
7:30 pm Altruism Engineering Cursive Embedded Clojure and Lisps Cryptography & Security
8:30 pm Software eng support for scientists Use GraphQL for your API with graphql-clj zprint Writing bots for Zetawar
9:30 pm DIY Nanotech Building Composable Abstractions Workshop The Tech of ClojureBridge OPEN

## Cursive
  • Hosted by: Colin Fleming
  • Description: Cursive is a Clojure development plugin to IntelliJ. Want to know what Cursive is all about, or already using it and have questions? Come along for some feature demos and get all your questions answered.
  • Interest: @smahood @hby @statonjr @bostonou @jcsims @hyPiRon @bemiguel @roanosullivan @maria__geller @mel_tar @brentvukmer

## Increasing Diversity in the Clojure Community
  • Hosted by: Alex Miller, Lynn Grogan, and friends!
  • Description: An open discussion about increasing the diversity of the Clojure community and at Clojure conferences. Bring your experiences and ideas!
  • Interest: @swannodette @jearvon @maria__geller @rubygeek @malnormalulo @ifwillig @quoll @gabehollombe @jonsmock @simplysenna @jgehtland @abrooks @emidln @tony.kay

## New
  • Hosted by: Alex Miller
  • Description: As recently announced, content is now open source and open for contributions. Come to learn more about the state of the and discuss your ideas for updates or additions to the site.
  • Interest:

## Parinfer - simpler Lisp editing
  • Hosted by: Shaun LeBron
  • Description: walking through how Parinfer works for anyone wanting to use or help implement more editor plugins for it
  • Interest: @bhagany @malnormalulo @hby @abrooks @colinfleming

## Clojure on Hadoop
  • Hosted by: Marshall Bockrath-Vandegrift
  • Description: Open discussion about using Clojure with Hadoop ecosystem technologies, especially MapReduce and Spark. Demo and set-up walk-through for Parkour with a cluster-connected REPL, plus whatever other relevant technologies knowledgeable people are interested in showing off / helping with.
  • Interest: @malnormalulo

## Games!
  • Hosted by: Rich Hickey
  • Description: I'll be bringing a collection of light games (Codenames and more). Please join us for some unwinding and fun.
  • Interest: @tony.kay @jdslavin

## Unlimited Register Machines, Gödelization and Universality
  • Hosted by: Tom Hall
  • Description: For the last week or so on a Clojure DSL / Interpreter for URMs, the goal (as of a few days ago) is to write a small book that draws the straightest line possible towards universality and a proof of the undecidability of the halting problem.

Lot's of people know about Turing Machines and the Lambda Calculus and that they both can express any computable function, but often don't really understand what that means. An Unlimited Register Machine is a simple model of a computer, still quite idealised, that is turing equivalent also.

The philosopher Dan Dennett, in his recent book Intuition Pumps and Other Tools For Thinking, devotes a rather large section to URMs titled The Seven Secrets Of Computing Power Revealed. The hope is that by simulating the simplest possible register machine and building up complex algorithms you can understand what it means to compute and how a computer works.

In the talk I treat math(s) and 'programming' as equal citizens in terms of explaining the idea and end with a succinct (if somewhat problematic) concrete implementation of a Universal URM (via a neat way of Gödelizing programs (ie turning them into numbers))

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