Suggested Topics

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If you have an idea for a talk you would like to see someone give at Clojure/conj, please list it here! Speakers should feel free to draw from this list of topics. Contact with any questions.

If you support the idea, increase the counter by 1 :)

Add your idea here!

  • How to introduce Clojure into your company +3
  • How to find the right Clojure library for your needs +3
  • How to do basic data structures (stacks, queues, trees etc.) and algorithms (sorts, searches) using Clojure +2
  • How to transition from someone who finally gets the syntax to actually write useful application code +1
  • How to write a non trivial application from start to finish using Clojure/Clojurescript/Datomic (something similar to the famous Petstore example). +2
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