Board Game Night

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This wiki page is for suggestions for Clojure/conj 2017 Board Game Night.

  • When: Wednesday, October 11, 7:30-10:30 pm
  • Where: Baltimore Hilton, Key Ballrooms 9-12


  • Hosted by:
  • Player Count:
  • Description:
  • Interest:

51st State

  • Hosted by: Stuart Halloway
  • Player Count: to 4
  • Description: players control one of the four powers (mutants, traders, New Yorkers and Appalachians) and try to build their very own new country on the remains of the U.S.
  • Interest: Tiago Luchini, Michael Lindon, Srihari Sriraman, Rod Senra, David Sison, John Hyaduck

Whistle Stop

  • Hosted by: Rich Hickey
  • Player Count: to 4
  • Description: Combo-crazed train and tile-laying mashup, hot off the presses. Trains, goods, stocks, but not actually pick-up-and-deliver.
  • Interest: Dom Kiva-Meyer, Lily M. Goh, Jeff Terrell, Evan Niessen-Derry, Nathan McCourtney

Terraforming Mars

  • Hosted by: Alex Warr
  • Player Count: to 4
  • Description: Players control one of four corporations collaborating to transform Mars from a red desert to a lush rainforest world - and competing aggressively to be the planet's first economic hegemon. Light resource management, card drafting, and board development. Easily fits a 90-120 min. play time.
  • Interest: Tiago Luchini, Dustin Getz, Ivan Willig, David Bernal, Daniel Crouch, Rod Senra

Gravwell: Escape from the 9th Dimension

  • Hosted by: Stuart Sierra
  • Player Count: to 4
  • Description: Space-themed racing game with card drafting. Simple rules, but hidden actions can interact in unpredictable ways. 30-45 minutes.
  • Interest: Nathan McCourtney, Dustin Getz, Rod Senra

A Study in Emerald

  • Hosted by: Marshall Thompson
  • Player Count: 2 to 5
  • Description: The Old Ones have taken over the world. Players are secretly split between Loyalists and Restorationists and compete to save (or destroy) the Old Ones. The twist is, you never know who is playing on which side, and the ultimate scoring of the game depends on how well everyone else on your side did. Deckbuilding mechanic, great art, 90 min. play time.
  • Interest: David Sison, Matt Russell, John Hyaduck


  • Hosted by: Ryan De La Torre
  • Player Count: to 4
  • Description: Civilization-building game with lots of resource management and lots of indirect interaction. Randomized card purchase pool and randomized event cards give it plenty of variety and make it more tactical than strategic. 30-45 minutes per player.
  • Interest: Stuart Sierra, Gary Fenstamaker, David Sison
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