Lightning Talks

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Lightning talk schedule (ordering may change):

  • Datomic web GUI (by Tim Gilbert) - Brief demo of a datomic GUI type web app that we will be open-sourcing.
  • How to Write a Fast, Reducible Collection (by Ghadi Shayban) - Making an implementation IReduceInit is still somewhat of a black art, but needn't be. I'll step you through making a Seq-less source collection, then supercharge it with transducers.
  • Tips for writing macros (by Jeff Terrell) - Stay sane when writing macros in Clojure by following these tips.
  • Activating a Clojure Community (by Andy Parsons) - I'll share 5 lessons that other Clojure community organizers can use, based on my stewardship of Clojure NYC.
  • Forest: One Tree to Rule Them All (by Alan Thompson) - Forest is a new Clojure library for parsing and manipulating Abstract Syntax Trees and other tree-like structures. The Forest library makes it easy to create, search, and modify trees, while preserving Clojure's functional & immutable values.
  • Managing a Java Batch job with JobStreamer (by Kazuki Tsutsumi) - JobStreamer is a distributed execution environment for JavaBach, written in clojure/script.
  • Clojure at Sky Road (by John Borse) - Sky Road is a small innovative financial technology firm located in Chicago, IL. Our artificial intelligence / analytics lab has chosen Clojure as our development language and will briefly discuss the mission of the lab and our decision to develop in Clojure.
  • Sometimes it's so obvious in hindsight (by Aaron Brooks) - Clojure provides us with a wonderful array of data interfaces and underlying implementations but could it be that it is missing an obvious-in-retrospect datastructure?
  • SVG in Custom PDF Templates (by Daniel Glauser) - You've generated some good-looking client-side browser content, and you want those SVGs in a PDF. Instead of rendering it on the server, you can export the content as it is rendered in the user's browser, ship it back to the server, and repackage it into a PDF report.
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