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This wiki page is for suggestions for Clojure/conj 2017 "Unsessions". Unsessions give you the opportunity to propose your own topics and find others with similar interests. We'll have several rooms available at the conference hotel on the night of Thursday, October 12.

  • When: Thursday, October 12, 7:30-10:30 pm (1-hour slots)
  • Where: Baltimore Hilton
  • Equipment: Projectors and screens will be available
Time Holiday 4 & 5 Holiday 6 Blake
7:30 pm Deps and CLI Datomic and Data Driven UI Open Space: Clojure at work
8:30 pm Elements of Abstraction Statistics, Machine Learning and all things Data Science Unrepl
9:30 pm Clojure Puzzlers An Abstraction for API driven Simulation Tests Introducing Toccata


Elements of Abstraction

  • Hosted by: Zach Tellman
  • Description: A free-form discussion of the ideas covered in the recent talk On Abstraction, or any other topics in Elements of Clojure.
  • Interest: Devin Walters, Shaun Lebron, Chris McFarlen, Aaron Brooks, Jim Duey, Bret Young, Shaun Mahood, Matthew Maravillas, Larry Staton Jr., Paul Bostrom, Angus Fletcher, Renzo Borgatti, Egg Syntax, Amar Mehta, Tiago Luchini, Alan Thompson, Bryan Bates, Rafael Ferreira, Colin Kahn, John Szakmeister, Juraj Martinka, Mike Miller

Introducing Toccata

  • Hosted by: Jim Duey
  • Description: An introduction to Toccata, a Clojure-inspired language that compiles to C. (github repo).
  • Interest: Zach Tellman, Bret Young, Larry Staton Jr., Angus Fletcher, Renzo Borgatti, Nicola Mometto, Amar Mehta, Alan Thompson, Bryan Bates, John Szakmeister, Mike Miller

Open Space: Clojure at work

  • Hosted by: Eric Normand
  • Description: Join us to answer the question: How can we get Clojure projects approved at work?
  • Interest: Burin Choomnuan, Tiago Luchini, Jeff Terrell, Colin Kahn, David Hodge

Clojure Puzzlers

  • Hosted by: Renzo Borgatti
  • Description: I'd like to show you my expanding collection of surprising Clojure snippets. They range from unbelievable to jaw-dropping and always offer a chance to learn something new. They come in part from writing a book on the standard library and daily job. It's going to be fun and even if you are a seasoned veteran, I promise you'll be disturbed. I'm going to present 8 Clojure puzzles: guess the right answer and win a t-shirt!
  • Interest: Nicola Mometto, Egg Syntax, Amar Mehta, Alan Thompson, Matthew Maravillas, Colin Kahn, John Szakmeister, Juraj Martinka

Statistics, Machine Learning and all things Data Science

  • Hosted by: Michael Lindon
  • Description: Before R, XLisp-Stat was in the running to become the lingua-france of computational statistics. I personlly know many who really preferred Xlisp-stat, but reluctantly switched to R as the R community grew. What can be learned from the history of Xlisp-stat? See "On abandoning xlisp-stat", also lisp-stat to java to R and Back to the Future: Lisp as a base for statistical computing. There is certainly interest in doing statistical (or ML) computations in lisp, so how do we make that happen and how can we avoid making the same mistakes with Clojure? This unsession should be a discussion of the state of Statistics/Machine-Learning/Data-Science within Clojure. What should be done in order for the statistics ∩ clojure community to grow, and what features do we miss from other languages? This unsession is hopefully a chance for those using clojure for statistics, machine learning, data science and analytics to network, discuss collaborations and coordinate efforts.
  • Interest: Carin Meier, Bill Piel, Bret Young, Bryan Bates, Toshiki Takeuchi

Datomic and Data Driven UI

  • Hosted by: Dustin Getz
  • Description: To make an application data driven, first we need to understand the type of accidental complexity we find in our apps, and how our data layer choices influence it. Datomic solves many common accidental complexities and lets us climb the ladder of abstraction a few rungs higher. http://hyperfiddle.net is a Datomic experiment. We’re all going to be tired by the end of the day, so I will use fun demos to drive a conversation about what it is about Datomic that makes this possible and why it wasn’t possible before.
  • Interest: Bret Young, Bryan Bates, Rafael Ferreira

An Abstraction for API driven Simulation Tests

  • Hosted by: Srihari Sriraman
  • Description: Simulation tests are great, but they can be difficult to maintain, or tweak. Targeting the scenarios towards important aspects of the system can be incredibly tasking, especially if we're unsure what the important parts of the system are. I believe we have built a solid, and descriptive abstraction around API flows, to specify what to test, what API flows we care about testing, and how to report the results. I'll quickly go over the abstraction, and share a couple of novel ideas underneath as starters to a discussion around how we can write simulation tests better.
  • Interest: Ravi Chandra, Shaaz Ahmed

Deps and CLI

  • Hosted by: Alex Miller
  • Description: An overview and update on the new tools.deps.alpha library (a library for building classpaths) and CLI scripts for Clojure. Also see: Deps and CLI Guide.
  • Interest: Christophe Grand, Adam Frey, Larry Staton Jr., Aaron Brooks


  • Hosted by: Christophe Grand
  • Description: a quick presentation of unrepl and an open-discussion about rich repl interactions and associated tooling in general. See: Unrepl and Unravel
  • Interest: Larry Staton Jr., Adam Frey, John Szakmeister
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