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Board Game Night

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This wiki page is for suggestions for Clojure/conj 2018 Board Game Night.

Players and Teachers wanted!

  • Cognitect's Game Shelf
  • See a game on our list you want to learn? Let us know so we can find a teacher!
  • See a game on our list you want to teach? Sign up and we'll make sure the game is there for you.
  • And feel free to bring a game!

Game Template (Copy and Fill In)

  • Hosted by:
  • Player Count:
  • Description: ( link please)
  • Interest:


Core Worlds

Sentinels of the Multiverse

  • Hosted by: Stuart Halloway
  • Player Count: 4
  • Description: Collaborative superhero card game
  • Interest: @DomKM, @LilyMGoh, @fogus, @christianromney, @ClashTheBunny (If there is opportunity for a second game)

Handful of Stars


King of Tokyo

  • Hosted by: Luke VanderHart
  • Player Count: 2-6
  • Description: Lightweight card/dice battler
  • Interest: @gigasquid, @aiba, Brendan Cannell, @ordnungswidrig, @cjsauer

A Study In Emerald

  • Hosted by: Marshall Thompson
  • Player Count: 2-5
  • Description: Sherlock Holmes meets Cthuhlu
  • Interest: Shaun Mahood, Frederik Esser, @christianromney

Captain Sonar


Magic Maze

Dungeons & Dragons: Waterdeep Dragon Heist

  • Hosted by: Daniel Johnson
  • Player Count: 3 - 9 (providing prefabricated character sheets for players to choose from so we can skip character creation and jump right in to playing)
  • Description: Come play a session of the latest D&D adventure
  • Interest:


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