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Make allow-filtering backward-compatible

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ifesdjeen committed Jan 9, 2016
1 parent d64b750 commit ea75aa3eb46042b0a7243c7d864c339f7f7f155c
@@ -71,20 +71,6 @@ You can also specify columns separately now:
All the mentioned operations can be also used in combination.
### Options are now string-only
In order to avoid unnecessary conversion, options keys are now string-only (note `class` and
`replication_factor here`):
(create-keyspace "foo"
{"class" "SimpleStrategy"
"replication_factor" 1}})
### `allow-filtering` doesn't require any arguments now
You can just use `allow-filtering` without passing `true` to it:
@@ -96,6 +82,8 @@ You can just use `allow-filtering` without passing `true` to it:
Previous syntax works where you could pass `true` just as well.
### Create Index operations are now much more explicit.
New API is much more intuitive and explicit: you can specify if you'd like to create
@@ -46,8 +46,10 @@
[:limit lim])
(defn allow-filtering
[:filtering nil])
[:filtering nil])
[:filtering nil]))
(defn from
@@ -86,6 +86,14 @@
(is (renders-to "SELECT * FROM foo WHERE foo='bar' ORDER BY foo ASC LIMIT 10 ALLOW FILTERING;"
(select :foo
(where [[= :foo "bar"]])
(order-by (asc :foo))
(limit 10)
(allow-filtering true)
(is (renders-to "SELECT * FROM foo WHERE k=4 AND c>'a' AND c<='z';";
(select :foo
(where [[= :k 4]

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