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Don't run native API tests on travis

We need ES_CLUSTER_NAME to be exported in order for the native
client to successfully connect.
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1 parent b7e1775 commit a8d710b60627ee68eb19abcd3499d1a91ce9a06d Michael Klishin committed Feb 18, 2013
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@@ -4,7 +4,7 @@ services:
- elasticsearch
- sudo service elasticsearch status
-script: lein2 all test
+script: lein2 all test :ci
- openjdk6
- openjdk7
@@ -28,7 +28,8 @@
:facets :facets
:percolation :percolation
:all (constantly true)
- :default (constantly true)}
+ :default (constantly true)
+ :ci (fn [m] (not (:native m)))}
:mailing-list {:name "clojure-elasticsearch"
:archive ""
:post ""}

2 comments on commit a8d710b


davie commented on a8d710b Feb 26, 2013

I guess this is because the travis CI version of ES is incompatible with the one used in elastisch (for native connections)?
As an alternative couldn't you just spin up a new ES instance for the tests through the API (like in

Yes. We will do it, I am just not familiar enough with the node API. Feel free to contribute a pull request ;) If it takes keeping an elasticsearch.yml in test resources, that's perfectly fine.

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