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@@ -524,7 +524,7 @@ It is possible to purge a queue (remove all of the messages from it) using the `
Note that this example purges a newly declared queue with a unique server-generated name. When a queue is declared,
it is empty, so for server-named queues, there is no need to purge them before they are used.
-## Deleting queues
+## Deleting Queues
To delete a queue, use the `langohr.queue/delete` function:
@@ -533,12 +533,12 @@ To delete a queue, use the `langohr.queue/delete` function:
When a queue is deleted, all of the messages in it are deleted as well.
-## Queue durability vs message durability
+## Queue Durability vs Message Durability
See [Durability guide](/articles/durability.html)
-## Vendor-specific extensions related to queues
+## RabbitMQ Extensions Related to Queues
See [RabbitMQ Extensions guide](/articles/rabbitmq_extensions.html)

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