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(ns clojurewerkz.titanium.graph-test
(:require [clojurewerkz.titanium.graph :as tg]
[clojurewerkz.titanium.vertices :as tv]
[clojurewerkz.titanium.edges :as ted]
[clojurewerkz.titanium.schema :as ts]
[ :as sio]
[clojurewerkz.archimedes.graph :as c])
(:use clojure.test
[ :only (graph-fixture *graph*)])
(com.thinkaurelius.titan.graphdb.vertices StandardVertex)
(com.thinkaurelius.titan.graphdb.database StandardTitanGraph)
[java.util.concurrent CountDownLatch TimeUnit]))
(use-fixtures :once graph-fixture)
(deftest open-and-close-a-local-graph-with-a-shortcut
(let [d (sio/create-temp-dir)]
(is (let [graph (tg/open (str "berkeleyje:" (.getPath d)))]
(and graph (nil? (tg/shutdown graph)))))))
(deftest test-open-and-close-a-local-graph-with-a-connfiguration-map
(let [d (sio/create-temp-dir)]
(is (let [graph (tg/open {"" (.getPath d)
"storage.backend" "berkeleyje"})]
(and graph (nil? (tg/shutdown graph)))))))
(deftest test-conf-graph
(testing "Graph type"
(is (= (type *graph*) StandardTitanGraph)))
(testing "Vertex type"
(tg/with-transaction [tx *graph*]
(let [vertex (tv/create! tx)]
(is (= StandardVertex (type vertex)))))))
(deftest graph-of-the-gods
(testing "Configure edge and vertex properties"
(ts/with-management-system [mgmt *graph*]
(is (ts/make-property-key mgmt :name String :cardinality :single))
(is (ts/make-property-key mgmt :type String :cardinality :single))
(is (ts/make-property-key mgmt :times Long :cardinality :single))
(is (ts/make-edge-label mgmt :lives :multiplicity :many-to-one))
(is (ts/make-edge-label mgmt :father :multiplicity :one-to-many))
(is (ts/make-edge-label mgmt :mother :multiplicity :one-to-many))
(is (ts/make-edge-label mgmt :brother :multiplicity :many-to-many))
(is (ts/make-edge-label mgmt :pet :multiplicity :one-to-many))
(is (ts/make-edge-label mgmt :battled :multiplicity :many-to-many))
(is (ts/build-composite-index mgmt :ixName :vertex [:name] :unique? true))
(is (ts/build-composite-index mgmt :ixType :vertex [:type]))
(is (ts/build-composite-index mgmt :ixTimes :edge [:times]))))
(testing "Populate graph"
(tg/with-transaction [tx *graph*]
(let [saturn (tv/create! tx {:name "Saturn" :type "titan"})
jupiter (tv/create! tx {:name "Jupiter" :type "god"})
hercules (tv/create! tx {:name "Hercules" :type "demigod"})
alcmene (tv/create! tx {:name "Alcmene" :type "human"})
neptune (tv/create! tx {:name "Neptune" :type "god"})
pluto (tv/create! tx {:name "Pluto" :type "god"})
sea (tv/create! tx {:name "Sea" :type "location"})
sky (tv/create! tx {:name "Sky" :type "location"})
tartarus (tv/create! tx {:name "Tartarus" :type "location"})
nemean (tv/create! tx {:name "Nemean" :type "monster"})
hydra (tv/create! tx {:name "Hydra" :type "monster"})
cerberus (tv/create! tx {:name "Cerberus" :type "monster"})]
(ted/connect! tx neptune :lives sea)
(ted/connect! tx jupiter :lives sky)
(ted/connect! tx pluto :lives tartarus)
(ted/connect! tx jupiter :father saturn)
(ted/connect! tx hercules :father jupiter)
(ted/connect! tx hercules :mother alcmene)
(ted/connect! tx jupiter :brother pluto)
(ted/connect! tx pluto :brother jupiter)
(ted/connect! tx neptune :brother pluto)
(ted/connect! tx pluto :brother neptune)
(ted/connect! tx jupiter :brother neptune)
(ted/connect! tx neptune :brother jupiter)
(ted/connect! tx cerberus :lives tartarus)
(ted/connect! tx pluto :pet cerberus)
(ted/connect! tx hercules :battled nemean {:times 1})
(ted/connect! tx hercules :battled hydra {:times 2})
(ted/connect! tx hercules :battled cerberus {:times 12})
(testing "Query graph"
(tg/with-transaction [tx *graph*]
(is (= #{"Jupiter" "Neptune" "Pluto"}
(set (map (fn [v] (tv/get v :name)) (tv/find-by-kv tx :type "god")))))
(let [jupiter (first (tv/find-by-kv tx :name "Jupiter"))]
(is jupiter)
(let [lives (ted/head-vertex (first (tv/edges-of jupiter :out :lives)))]
(is "Sky" (tv/get lives :name)))))))
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