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Serve's news (and individual team news) over RSS; see it live:
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NHL News to RSS

Deprecation notice: This is no longer being developed. This was previously deployed to Heroku, but is now deployed at The update source code is available at

To my knowledge, does not provide an RSS feed for their news feed. This is a simple proxy that loads the news site and serves it back as an RSS feed. This is deployed at You can get an RSS feed for NHL news or for a specific team (e.g. the New York Islanders news). The site root lists all possible feeds.

Information is pulled on demand on each refresh of the page (and is always current).


This project runs on Heroku. It is a Flask application that serves a few endpoints: one HTML page and a bunch of RSS feeds. It pulls the current list of news articles from, processes them using BeautifulSoup4 and generates an RSS feed using FeedGenerator.