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Twisted-Celery is a connector to call Celery tasks (and receive results) from an application running with Twisted.

The Problem

Twisted and Celery are both "asynchronous", but have dramatically different use-cases. Twisted is an event-drive networking framework, but doesn't perform well for long lived CPU-intensive tasks. Celery is a distributed task runner that excels at short-lived CPU bound work.

Sometimes you want to run a task from Twisted...but this is harder than it seems. You might think you can just import your Celery app and run the tasks, but this causes synchronous I/O to happen in the middle of your Twisted process. Another solution might be to do all Celery calls inside of a thread (by using deferToThread and friends), while this is better than doing I/O on the reactor thread you'll quickly cause thread-pool starvation.

Luckily, there's another way...

The Solution

Twisted-Celery uses the internals of Celery to create Celery-compatible messages, but then uses Twisted to do distributed I/O to communicate with your configured Celery broker and backend. It does this while exposing a send_task API identical to Celery's. Additionally, when calling a task it returns a native Deferred instead of an AsyncResult so you can write Twisted-compatible code easily.

Supported Features

Currently the only supported broker and backend are over AMQP. Support for AMQP in Twisted is provided via pika.

If you'd like to use a different backend or broker, please contribute!

How it Works

Twisted-Celery sits somewhere in-between the Celery and Kombu layers of a traditional Celery application. This is because much of Celery is really implemented inside of Kombu (e.g. the serialization and message creation facilities), while some of the higher level constructs are from Celery.

Where possible, calls into Celery and Kombu are made. Unfortunately much of the internals of those frameworks assume synchonrous code (e.g. ensure_connection blocks if a new connection needs to be opened). The easiest way to implement this was to copy portions of code out of Celery and Kombu in order to make them asynchronous.

Getting Started

After creating a Celery application as normal, import the TwistedCelery class and use it to wrap your Celery app. Use the send_task method provided on this class within Twisted. It returns a Deferred that resolves to the result of the task call.

from twistedcelery import TwistedCelery

from twisted.internet import defer, task

from my_app import app

def main(reactor):
    # Create the Twisted Celery application.
    tx_app = TwistedCelery(app)

    # Execute a task (and get the result).
    print("Sending task")
    result = yield tx_app.send_task('my_app.tasks.some_task')
    print("Got result: ", result)


if __name__ == '__main__':