Archives tickets before delete, and allows for auto-pruning of old tickets
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osTicket plugin: Archiver

Enables Archive of tickets before delete, and auto-delete/archive of old tickets.

To Install

Open /include/class.ticket.php and add the line below:

    function delete($comments='') {
        global $ost, $thisstaff;
        Signal::send('ticket.before.delete', $this); // Archiver plugin: Added to archive tickets before deleting them.
  • Admin options allow you to specify how old tickets have to be before purge
  • Admin option defines where to dump old tickets

Archive Mode & structure (plan):

if "Advanced Archive" mode enabled, then:

  • /path/to/archives/{$department}/{$user}/{$ticket_subject}_{$ticket_id}/
  • .. /attachment_filename1.ext
  • .. /attachment_filename2.ext
  • .. /data.json (everything we know about the ticket, entire thread, with all metadata retained as much as possible, including original mail headers, think Australian Government level of metadata retention)
  • .. /Ticket.pdf (export via normal PDF semantics)
  • Folder mtime set to initial ticket date.

if "Basic Archive" mode enabled, then:

  • /path/to/archives/{$ticket_subject}_{$ticket_id}.pdf (export via normal PDF semantics)

Purge Age Setting

Depending on Admin "purge age", we listen to a new ticket signal, check the last time we ran (we'll store it in config)

We store when it last ran the purge, and depending on your settings, will run it again provided cron is called often enough. EG: If you want it to run every 12 hours, but only run cron every 24, not much we can do about that.

Important: Update Requirement

After each update, go into the plugin settings and push Save, this will check that the Signal is still there, otherwise it will need to be added again.
I haven't found a way of detecting the upgrade without doing it on bootstrap, which is bad from a performance perspective.