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An plugin for osTicket which posts notifications to a Slack channel.

Originally forked from: https://github.com/thammanna/osticket-slack.


This plugin uses CURL and was designed/tested with osTicket-1.10.1


  • php_curl
  • A slack account


  1. Clone this repo or download the zip file and place the contents into your include/plugins folder.
  2. Now the plugin needs to be enabled & configured, so login to osTicket, select "Admin Panel" then "Manage -> Plugins" you should be seeing the list of currently installed plugins.
  3. Click on Slack Notifier and paste your Slack Endpoint URL into the box (Slack setup instructions below).
  4. Click Save Changes! (If you get an error about curl, you will need to install the Curl module for PHP).
  5. After that, go back to the list of plugins and tick the checkbox next to "Slack Notifier" and select the "Enable" button.

Slack Setup:

  • Navigate to https://api.slack.com/ select "Start Building"
  • Name your App osTicket Notification, select your Workspace from the drop-down
  • Select "Incoming Webhooks"
  • Activate the Webhooks with the link (it defaults to Off, just click Off to change it to On)
  • Scroll to the bottom and select "Add a new Webhook to Workspace"
  • Select the endpoint of the webhook, (ie, channel to post to)
  • Select "Authorize"
  • Scroll down and copy the Webhook URL entirely, paste this into the osTicket -> Admin -> Plugin -> Slack config admin screen.

If you want to add the Department as a field in each slack notice, tick the Checkbox in the Plugin config.

The channel you select will receive an event notice, like:

Aaron [10:56 AM] added an integration to this channel: osTicket Notification

You should also receive an email from Slack telling you about the new Integration.

Discord Setup:

Note: This works very well, but may not be as smooth as Slack is natively.

  • Open Discord
  • Right-click on the channel you wish to send the notifications too
  • Select "Webhooks"
  • Create a Webhook by clicking 'Create Webhook'
  • Scroll down to the bottom and copy the Webhook URL in it's entireity
  • Go to the osTicket -> Admin -> Plugin -> Slack config admin screen and paste the URL, at the end add /slack
  • Example: https://discordapp.com/api/webhooks/{webhook.id}/{webhook.token}/slack


Create a ticket!

You should see something like the following appear in your Slack channel:


When a user replies, you'll get something like:


Notes, Replies from Agents and System messages shouldn't appear, usernames are links to the user's page in osTicket, the Ticket subject is a link to the ticket, as is the ticket ID.

Adding pull's from original repo:

+0.2 - 17 december 2016 +[feature] "Ignore when subject equals regex" by @ramonfincken