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Tweaks to make Windows 10 less annoying and more usable
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Make Windows 10 Great Again

Tweaks to make Windows 10 less annoying and more usable.

Here's what this script does:

  1. Disables Cortana
  2. Disables Notification Center
  3. Disables automatic reboots after Windows Updates have been installed
  4. Disables accounts from Windows Login
  5. Shows file extensions for known file types
  6. Sets Explorer to open to "This PC"
  7. Shows hidden files (not including OS files)
  8. Uninstalls OneDrive
  9. Shows "This PC" icon on Desktop
  10. Enables developer mode (required for Linux Subsystem)
  11. Installs the Linux Subsystem
  12. Updates the Powershell Get-Help items
  13. Disables SMBv1
  14. Unpin all Start Menu items
  15. Disables WPAD


Unfortunately you'll have to set your execution policy to unrestricted to use this script.

From an Administrator Powershell prompt:

Set-ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted
cd MakeWindows10GreatAgain
Set-ExecutionPolicy Restricted


I considered adding some tweaks to remove the default apps/tiles that come installed with the Win10 start menu, but I've been pleasantly surprised by Classic Shell. It's an excellent start menu replacement for Win10. I recommend just installing that.

This script doesn't address any of the privacy issues of Windows 10 because there are already a bunch of tools that already do that.

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