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Nitro -

Super awesome task management

About Nitro:

By George Czabania & Jono Cooper
Copyrigth © 2012 Caffeinated Code
Licensed under the BSD License

Get Nitro:
Web version
Linux & Mac App
Chrome Web Store


  • The easiest way to run the app is:
    Chrome -> Extensions -> Developer Mode -> Load Unpacked Extension -> Choose the Nitro folder

  • Translate:
    To translate user interface, edit js/translations/LANGUAGENAME.js.
    To translate chrome store descriptions, edit _locales/LANGUAGECODE/messages.js (more info).

  • Stylesheets make use of sass + scss:
    Sass is a ruby gem (more info), you must edit .scss files and later generate the .css code.

  • Do not edit the plugins.js file:
    The plugins.js file collect all the scripts in js/plugins/ folder, edit the script you want and then run js/compile.rb to compile the plugins into plugins.js.

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