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SudoRunespan by Deprecated for the RSBot botting client.

To add this script to RSBot:

1) SDN
  Add it to your SDN list from

2) Source files
  If you have an IDE it may just be easier to pull my project into your IDE.
  Make sure to have the latest RSBot as a library and set up the program
  arguments with the -dev flag.  SudoRunespan should show up in the script loader.

Change Log:
    2.00   Initial release!
    2.01   Improved paint
    2.02   Made members testing bug free
    2.03   Misc improvements, paint changes color on mouse click
    2.04   Fixed members list, removed paint color changing
    2.05   Misc interaction improvements
    2.06   Reversed monster search when nod blocking, doesn't change monster when node blocking, misc changes
    2.07   Improved walking, added new antiban method
    2.08   Fixed advertisement
    2.09   Fixed Node order
    2.10   Fixed paint