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This version is for ruhohSpec v2.1 and is only compatible with ruhoh 2.1.x

A default blog scaffold for ruhoh compatible static blog parsers.


ruby 1.9.2+

Clone the Blog Scaffold

$ git clone git:// blog
$ cd blog

Get Bundler

It is recommended to use bundler to manage ruhoh versions.

Do you have bundler?

$ bundle -v

If it's not found, install it:

$ gem install bundler

More info on bundler:

Bundle Install

This blog ships with its own Gemfile. All you need to do is install the bundle.

Navigate to the root of this repository and execute:

$ bundle install

Run Ruhoh from the Bundle

Once the bundle is completed, run:

$ bundle exec rackup -p 9292

This starts a web server that hosts your blog here: http://localhost:9292

To access the bundled ruhoh (2.1) you'll need precede your commands with bundle exec:

$ bundle exec ruhoh help

Run without Bundler

To omit calling bundler with every command download the gem into your global environment:

$ gem install ruhoh

Now you can make calls without bundler:

$ ruhoh help
$ ruhoh console

Note this will set ruhoh to the latest version so you can no longer easily switch across ruhoh versions.

Make it Your Own

The origin initially points to:

To add your own remote, first create a new repository on GitHub. ex:

$ git remote rm origin
$ git remote add origin

Now you can add your own content and push it to your repository:

$ git add .
$ git commit -m 'some new content'


Upgrade Reference

It's best to first get a fresh blog installed and running locally via bundler as outlined. Next you'll want to compare your existing ruhoh 1.x and 2.0.alpha blog to the newest blog scaffold.

Once you've converted your existing blog, try running it with ruhoh 2.1 by copying the Gemfile into your existing blog and running it with bundler as outlined above.


Feel free to submit installation and upgrading issues via GitHub Issues They can be basic trouble-shooting questions.

Also contact me via:


See for full usage and documentation.


Released under the MIT License