Cross-Platform JavaScript Game library (HTML5 Canvas, WebGL, native OpenGL)
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lycheeJS (v0.5)

Web Documentation:

lycheeJS is a JavaScript Game library that offers a complete environment for prototyping and deployment of HTML5 Canvas or WebGL based games inside the Web Browser.

Its architecture is independent of the environment which means it will run on any JavaScript environment, such as V8, Node, Spidermonkey etc. The only requirement for such a platform is a lychee.Preloader.

If you want to support a different platform like NodeJS, you are invited to take a look at the lychee.Preloader API Docs and - if you have a client-side environment - at the lychee.Renderer API Docs

lycheeJS-ADK (App Development Kit)

The lycheeJS ADK is the underlying framework to deliver platforms natively.

The ADK allows you to cross-compile to different platforms natively using a custom V8 based JIT runtime with OpenGL bindings as the target environment. The equivalent environment integration is the platform/v8gl inside the lycheeJS Game library.


At the time this was written (August 2012), iOS based platforms are only deliverable natively using a WebView (WebKit) implementation, because custom JIT runtimes are not allowed. Blame Apple for not offering a high-performance alternative, not me.

Sound issues on iOS 5 and earlier versions are known due to Apple's crappy implementation using iTunes in the background. These issues are gone with iOS6+ due to the WebKitAudioContext (WebAudio API) availability.


v0.5 (September 2012) lycheeJS-ADK

  • Completion of OpenGLSL bindings, Shader and Buffer data types
  • OpenAL/OpenSL bindings
  • cutting-edge freeglut integration
  • Android NDK integration for V8GL and ADK shell script, using simple Java wrapper for V8GL process.

v0.6 (October 2012) lycheeJS-ADK

  • Packaging: Debian/Ubuntu (DEB)
  • Packaging: Windows Metro (via VisualStudio project)
  • Packaging: Android (APK)
  • Packaging: Mac OSX (APP)

v0.6 (October 2012) lycheeJS

  • v8gl: lychee.Track and lychee.Jukebox
  • v8gl: lychee.Input: Multi-Touch integration
  • v8gl: lychee.Viewport: orientationchange, resize, pageshow and pagehide

v0.7 (November 2012) lycheeJS-adk

  • Multi-Thread API, synchronized with freeglut's glut.timerFunc callstack.
  • Nothing else planned (yet).

v0.7 (November 2012) lycheeJS

  • Nothing planned (yet).


The lycheeJS framework is licensed under MIT License.


I'm not a marketing guy, so I don't give a shit on selling you stuff. it's open source, grab the demos and grab the code, dude!

Examples and Game Boilerplate

There is the Game Boilerplate and the Jewelz Clone that show you how to develop a real cross-platform game and best practices in high-performance JavaScript code.

The example source codes are all available at the github repository:

Link to game folder on github


The documentation is available in on the web at or at the lycheeJS-docs github repository