Fork of ecostats web-based front-end for collectd ( It now supports getting notifications via e-mail and showing alerts like a Dashboard.
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* Copy the directory var-www-stats to /var/www/stats

* Enable the supplied apache2 configuration. Modify it to fit your needs.

* Install the required python dependencies (see the imports from run.cgi)

  apt-get install python-rrdtool

* Ensure that the symlink /var/www/stats/collection3 points to collection3

  Debian: /usr/share/doc/collectd-core/examples/collection3

* Check the paths to the collectd rrd files in run.cgi

* To enable the support for show the status of the hosts you need to add the
  following to /etc/aliases:

  webcollectd: "|/var/www/stats/ecostats/run.cgi -pipe"

  And add to the plugin notify_email in collectd.conf