An bootable 'evil maid' tool that pretends to be Windows CHKDSK
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Evil Maid CHKDSK

This is s simple 512-byte MBR program that pretends to be Windows CHKDSK. It asks the user for a password, writes that password back to the media it booted from, renders that media unbootable, and reboots.

Terminal capture of using it with QEMU:

Video demonstration on a Windows laptop:

To assemble

nasm -f bin bootloader.asm -o bootme

To install on a disk

dd if=./bootme of=/dev/<device>

To extract the saved password

dd if=/dev/<device> count=1 bs=512 > dump.hex ; xxd dump.hex

Easy peasy.


I've tested this under QEMU with floppies and IDE hard disks, on an Atom (32-bit) netbook using an SD card, and a Core i5 (64-bit) laptop using an SD card.


I haven't tested this in a large number of devices. If the fourth byte of the MBR of another disk in your system is 0x99, you're going to have a bad time (bricked bootloader). This value is arbitrary and might be changed if I find a better one.