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Silex Template

Silex-Based Website Template which can be used as a starting point for pretty much any website. Just a nice way to spare time for setup in the future.

Main features:

  • Ready-to-roll Twig Template setup to start creating pages right away
  • Assetic included (works automagically)
    • Parses LESS files into plain CSS
    • Combines CSS and JS files into single files
  • Development Version
  • Production Version (optimized with cache and compiled assets)
  • Test Version ready for PHPUnit
  • Console Deployment Scripts to rebuild cache and deploy assets


  • PHP 5.3.2+
  • Composer
  • Some really basic knowledge of Silex


  1. Get this template to your machine: git clone
  2. Get composer (if you don't have a global one): curl -s | php
  3. Run installation of dependancies: php composer.phar install
  4. Set writing permissions (optional, as composer will attempt to do this): chmod 777 -R resources/cache resources/log
  5. Configure your web-server to deliver web/ as the host root


  • src/Routes.php contains all the registered routes with the respective Controllers
  • src/Clops/Controller/* place where the page controllers reside, add yours here too
  • Use phpunit from test to fire your Unit Tests, use test/Clops/Tests/baseTest.php as a starting point