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Xmpp client written in bash / ash (openwrt). It's only dependency is ncat (or similar) for the actual ssl connection.
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This is the successor of my project:

I have imported the versions as separate branches.

This program hasn't been tested very much. If you notice some weird behaviour, please enable debugging.

Please look at for an example on how to use the app version of this program.

You need ncat or netcat for the connection, but no other external library. Most parsing is done with sed (and grep).

I implemented this client/bot to remote control my openwrt router.

Look at bot_simple or bot for examples.

shell-xmpp-client should work in bash and ash.

(ash hasn't been tested much in the successor version!)

If you need another license (BSD, MIT,...) please contact me.

For : Version 2.0.0

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