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Microphone Recorder to mp3
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Microphone Recorder to Mp3

Record your microphone audio input and get an audio/mp3 file in the end.



yarn add mic-recorder-to-mp3


npm install mic-recorder-to-mp3

CDN Usage

You can add via CDN using the address: You can find the minified version in the same address, ex:

About the version in URL: Change the URL version to any of our releases, or use to automatically use the latest version.


  • Watch for changes:
npm run watch
  • Regular build:
npm run build

How to use

const MicRecorder = require('mic-recorder-to-mp3');

// New instance
const recorder = new MicRecorder({
  bitRate: 128

// Start recording. Browser will request permission to use your microphone.
recorder.start().then(() => {
  // something else
}).catch((e) => {

// Once you are done singing your best song, stop and get the mp3.
.getMp3().then(([buffer, blob]) => {
  // do what ever you want with buffer and blob
  // Example: Create a mp3 file and play
  const file = new File(buffer, 'me-at-thevoice.mp3', {
    type: blob.type,

  const player = new Audio(URL.createObjectURL(file));;

}).catch((e) => {
  alert('We could not retrieve your message');

Lamejs Notice

This library uses lamejs as a direct dependency. We build our releases with lamejs built-in, so you don't need to add another dependency.

Thanks to @zhuker for writing the lamejs library.



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