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Closure Libraries

{% include JB/setup %}


  • Este Library Well designed UI components, utils, MVC framework with TodoMVC demo, a much more. Written in CoffeeScript but easily usable in plain JavaScript.
  • moninjs by [@dmonin][] Reusable UI-Components & extensions for closure library (see demos for examples of each component).
  • Closure Widgets by @rhysbrettbowen Reusable UI components for use with Closure-Library.
  • G-closure by @rhysbrettbowen A way for jquery developers to use the closure library in a familiar way.
  • Loader by @rhysbrettbowen Dependency Injection IoC for Closure Library
  • Functional Closure by @rhysbrettbowen Helpers to use closure library in a point-free functional style.
  • ydn-db Javascript database module for IndexedDB, WebDatabase (WebSQL) and WebStorage (localStorage) storage mechanisms supporting version migration, advanced query, and transaction.



Este is robust, modular and comfortable dev stack for web apps development with several unique features. It is written in Coffeescript using the Closure Library. JavaScript is supported too.

Closure Dependency Injection Container

grunt-closure-dicontainer is dependency injection container for Google Closure Library. Let's write SOLID clean code easily.


LimeJS is a HTML5 game framework for building fast, native-experience games for all modern touchscreens and desktop browsers.


PlastronJS is an MVC library which uses the Google Closure library for use with the Closure Compiler.


Relief is a framework built on top of Google's Closure tools that provides the infrastructure needed to build single-page AJAX-style applications