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Fix the weird one-pixel vertical shift bug.
Caused by ui-widget class.
Only happens in Chrome and only on some, not all.
Disappears and re-appears at different zoom levels.
Completely destroy object when closed.
isRTL? What to RTL, besides button?
Disable selection in MSIE: this.dialog.on('selectstart', function(event) { return false; })
Special rendering mode for color_none? Use [X] images?
Fix parsing from input with websafe colors
Recognize "transparent" color name.
Limit number of events triggered.
Small size variant (128x128)
isRTL? What to RTL, besides button?
Undo/redo memory?
ARIA support.
Allow only set (dec/hex) characters in inputs
Most-recently-used swatches
HSL/HSV distance calculations should take into account cyclic hue.
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