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Fix browbeat with rally 2.0

According to the rally changelog:

--task argument of rally task report command and --task argument of
rally task use command were deprecated in Rally 0.10.0 in favor of a
unified --uuid argumnet.

Update accordingly.

Change-Id: Ide5147016f638e831fa83024813ea9d411db01e7
Signed-off-by: Charles Short <>
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zulcss committed Sep 17, 2019
1 parent 52edb0e commit 03169ef4687de80852fbc56aa334e8562ee98c46
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  1. +3 −3 browbeat/workloads/
@@ -79,18 +79,18 @@ def get_task_id(self, test_name):
def gen_scenario_html(self, task_ids, test_name):
all_task_ids = ' '.join(task_ids)
cmd = "source {}; ".format(get_workload_venv('rally', True))
cmd += "rally task report --task {} --out {}.html".format(
cmd += "rally task report --uuid {} --out {}.html".format(
all_task_ids, test_name)

def gen_scenario_json(self, task_id):
cmd = "source {}; ".format(get_workload_venv('rally', True))
cmd += "rally task results {}".format(task_id)
cmd += "rally task results --uuid {}".format(task_id)

def gen_scenario_json_file(self, task_id, test_name):
cmd = "source {}; ".format(get_workload_venv('rally', True))
cmd += "rally task results {} > {}.json".format(task_id, test_name)
cmd += "rally task results --uuid {} > {}.json".format(task_id, test_name)

def rally_metadata(self, result, meta):

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