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This is the Concourse deployment pipeline for shibboleth-boshrelease

Using the UAA database with shibboleth for authentication

For this deployment of shibboleth-boshrelease we're leveraging the UAA database to authenticate against the UAA db user table and a custom table named totp_seed for joining users with TOTP seed tokens and potentially other things in the future.

Schema modifications for UAA database

There are two tables which are created for Shibboleth to work properly for TOTP authentication and multi-zone Shibboleth HA. These tables modify the uaadb directly.

TOTP seed table for multi-factor authentication

The schema for the totp_seed table in the UAA database is here in cg-provision. Three columns are required which are the username and seed columns. This will allow Shibboleth to leverage the 18F/Shibboleth-IdP3-TOTP-Auth fork to read and save TOTP seed tokens to the UAA database.

    username varchar(255) PRIMARY KEY,
    seed varchar(36),
    backup_code varchar(36)

Storage records table for multi-zone Shibboleth HA

The schema for the storagerecords table in the UAA database is here in cg-provision. This table is used to maintain session state between Shibboleth instances across availability zones.

CREATE TABLE storagerecords (
  context varchar(255) NOT NULL,
  id varchar(255) NOT NULL,
  expires bigint DEFAULT NULL,
  value text NOT NULL,
  version bigint NOT NULL,
  PRIMARY KEY (context, id)

For more information on this, take a look here.

Rotating signing and encryption certificates for Shibboleth

Use bosh interpolate to generate these certs, e.g. for production:

 bosh interpolate --vars-file=bosh/varsfiles/production.yml --vars-store=prod-creds.yml bosh/manifest.yml

Be sure to add the bosh ca (which is also the default_ca) as either a vars file argument or just copy and paste into the file bosh/varsfiles/production.yml. The new creds will be stored in prod-creds.yml. Remove the BEGIN AND END lines from the certs; add these certs to the vars store for shibboleth and deploy. To finish the rotation, also find and replace these certs in the idp metadata xml for the respective CloudFoundry deployment and deploy CF.

About deployment for Shibboleth.




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