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  Provisioning System

This repository holds the terraform configuration (and BOSH vars and ops-files) to bootstrap our infrastructure.

Be sure to read the internal developer documentation ("cg-provision") for non-public information about using this repository.



The main terraform directories are:

  • modules: where we decompose our configuration into Terraform modules
  • modules/stack/base & modules/stack/spoke: the main modules that define the bulk of each environment
  • stacks: the various "environments"


The main stack is a template that is used to provision the production, staging, and development "environments."

The tooling stack contains our "proto-BOSH", which deploys the tooling BOSH. The tooling BOSH then deploys the BOSH directors in the main stacks.

The external and dns stacks are both outside of GovCloud (commercial AWS).

I believe the test stack is unused, and there's a story to remove it.


The bosh directory contains vars and opsfiles for use by the BOSH directors.

Development Workflow

Since IaaS is a shared resource (we don't have the money or time to provision entire stacks for each developer), we never apply this configuration manually. Instead, all execution is done through the Concourse pipeline, which is configured to first run terraform plan, and then wait for manual triggering before running terraform apply.

If you want to make infrastructure changes:

  1. Create a branch and pull-request with your changes and ask for review and merge from a teammate.
  2. Once the teammate 👍 the changes, head over to the Concourse pipeline and review the resultant Terraform plan output.
  3. If the plan looks like what you intended, then manually trigger the appropriate apply jobs.

Other Points of Note

You may see access_key_id_prev and aws_key_id_prev as outputs for our iam modules. These are used for cred rotation

modules/stack/spoke composes modules/stack/base and some of the VPC modules. It's not entirely clear why, and why the VPC modules weren't simply included in base (removing spoke altogether).

About infrastructure provisioning and deployment





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