Cloud of Things Java Rest SDK (Cloud der Dinge Java Rest SDK)
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Cloud of Things Java Rest SDK

The Cloud of Things (German Cloud der Dinge) is a platform for the Internet of Things by T-Systems International GmbH. Inside this repository you will find a Java based SDK to interface with the Cloud of Things API.

Current version is: 1.1.0


Add this to your pom.xml to include the SDK in your Maven Repo


Example of a basic connect to the platform:

CloudOfThingsPlatform cotPlatform = new CloudOfThingsPlatform("hostname", new CotCredentials("tenant", "username", "password"));
InventoryApi inventoryApi = cotPlatform.getInventoryApi();

Developers can find further information and examples in the file.

Java Doc

You can find the Java Doc of the latest release here:

Release Notes

Short information about what has changed between releases.

Release 1.1.0

  • Includes Pull Request #73: Efficiently iterate over all objects in a collection via Java 8 Stream (accessible via stream()): pagination is automatically performed in the background
  • Resolve issue #72: Improved paging performance
  • Fix double slashes in url (Pull Request #77)

Release 1.0.5

  • Provide functionality to get all SmartREST Templates by X-ID
  • Resolve issue #52: provide http status code in thrown exception in getMeasurement()

Release 1.0.4

  • Improve usage of accept and content-type headers in rest client
  • Improve usage of OkHttpClient so that lesser resources will be used
  • Fix handling of binary data using byte array
  • Remove double slashes in rest api paths to avoid http code 404
  • Resolve issue #51: provide failure reason for failed operations
  • Resolve issue #53: provide a new method for creation NewDeviceRequests
  • Handle filters as enum and validate filters supported by cot
  • Improve Notification class which now provides realtime action

Release 1.0.2

  • Update of okhttp.
  • Better integration-tests.
  • Better login-process (include tenant in username).
  • NewDeviceRequestStatus-enum.
  • Refactoring.

Release 1.0.0

  • Improved Examples: Add examples for SDK-Users (see
  • Implemented Sensor Library
  • Implemented Binaries API
  • Final adjustments for MIT License
  • Improve ManagedObject-deserialization
  • Credentials for integration tests will be read from environment variables instead of property file
  • Refactor device permission handling
  • A lot of improvements and cleanups

Release 0.6.1

  • Provides and uses SmartRequest/-Response classes

Release 0.6.0

  • Complete Device control
  • Complete Real-time notifications
  • Complete Real-time statements
  • Complete Device management library
  • Complete Users API
  • Complete Retention Rule API
  • Complete SmartREST API
  • Complete Audit API
  • Refactor collection classes extending JsonArrayPagination base class

Release 0.5.0

  • Most important change is the removal of right now unused parameter tenant in CloudOfThingsPlatform constructor (See commit 62079fe).
  • Unsuccessful creation/store of objects in the CoT will now result in a CotSdkException.
  • New method DeviceCredentialsApi.NewDeviceRequest(..).
  • MeasurementsApi supports creating measurement collections.

Release 0.4.0

  • Improvements, e.g. connection exception handling
  • Short information about what has changed between releases.
  • Bulk Operations (beta)

Release 0.3.0

  • Complete Inventory
  • Get ManagedObjects in Collection
  • Complete Alarm API
  • Retrieve collections
  • Update Alarms
  • Complete Device Credentials API
  • Complete IdentityApi

Release 0.2.0

  • Complete Events
  • Complete Device registration process
  • Implement removal of devices and its belongings
  • Complete MeasurementsAPI
  • Refactor from single methods to Query objects.
  • Filter Date
  • Filter FragmentType
  • ... and combinations
  • DELETE - delete a measurement collection
  • Complete Inventory
  • DELETE a managed object reference