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A dynamic DNS client for Linode.
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Cloud Unpacked

Cloud Unpacked - Dynamic DNS

a Dynamic DNS client for VPS cloud providers

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This project is brand new and in alpha right now. You may notice a lack of polish and/or drastic changes.

cu-ddns is a dynamic DNS client that uses VPS cloud providers such as Linode for DNS. This tool allows pointing a DNS hostname such as to an IP address that may change regularly. The typical scenario is having a domain name point to your home IP address however those that travel a lot would find it useful as well.

Table of Contents

  • Installing
  • Configuring
  • Features


cu-ddns supports the following providers:

  • Linode DNS
  • Cloudflare DNS


Debian Package (.deb) Instructions

Download the .deb file to the desired system.

For graphical systems, you can download it from the GitHub Releases page. Many distros allow you to double-click the file to install. Via terminal, you can do the following:

sudo dpkg -i cu-ddns_0.1.0_amd64.deb

0.1.0 and amd64 may need to be replaced with your desired version and CPU architecture respectively.

Linux Snap

If you install via Snap, some commands will need to be prefixed with sudo.

More instructions coming soon.


After installation, run the configure command to setup the client and the start command to start it running.

sudo cu-ddns configure
sudo cu-ddns start


When creating the Cloudflare API token, the following permissions are needed: All zones - Zone:Edit, DNS:Edit.


Multiple Providers - Linode and Cloudflare are supported. DigitalOcean DNS next on the list.

IPv4/6 Support - IPv4 is supported with IPv6 coming in the near future.


This repository is licensed under the MIT license. The license can be found here.

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