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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
from cloud4rpi import utils
class Device(object):
def __init__(self, api):
def on_command(cmd):
self.__api = api
self.__api.on_command = on_command
self.__variables = {}
self.__diag = {}
def __resolve_binding(binding, current=None, default=None):
if hasattr(binding, 'read'):
elif callable(binding):
return utils.resolve_callable(binding, current)
return default
def __validate_payload(self, payload):
result = {}
for name, value in payload.items():
variable = self.__variables.get(name, None)
if not variable:
t = variable.get('type', None)
result[name] = utils.validate_variable_value(name, t, value)
return result
def __on_command(self, cmd):
update = self.__apply_commands(cmd)
if bool(update):
self.__api.publish_data(update, data_type='cr')
def __apply_commands(self, cmd):
update = {}
for varName, value in cmd.items():
variable = self.__variables.get(varName, None)
if not variable:
# consider to use resolve binding here
new_value = value
handler = variable.get('bind', None)
if callable(handler):
new_value = handler(new_value)
t = variable.get('type', None)
new_value = utils.validate_variable_value(varName, t, new_value)
variable['value'] = new_value
update[varName] = new_value
return update
def declare(self, variables):
for name, value in variables.items():
value.get('type', None))
self.__variables = variables
def declare_diag(self, diag):
self.__diag = diag
def read_config(self):
return [{'name': name, 'type': value['type']}
for name, value in self.__variables.items()]
def read_data(self):
for name, varConfig in self.__variables.items():
bind = varConfig.get('bind', None)
if bind:
curr = varConfig.get('value')
result = self.__resolve_binding(bind, curr, curr)
t = varConfig.get('type')
new_val = utils.validate_variable_value(name, t, result)
varConfig['value'] = new_val
readings = {varName: varConfig.get('value')
for varName, varConfig in self.__variables.items()}
return readings
def read_diag(self):
readings = {}
for name, value in self.__diag.items():
readings[name] = self.__resolve_binding(value, None, value)
return readings
def publish_config(self, cfg=None):
if cfg is None:
cfg = self.read_config()
cfg = utils.validate_config(cfg)
return self.__api.publish_config(cfg)
def publish_data(self, data=None):
if data is None:
data = self.read_data()
data = self.__validate_payload(data)
return self.__api.publish_data(data)
def publish_diag(self, diag=None):
if diag is None:
diag = self.read_diag()
return self.__api.publish_diag(diag)
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