Run Cucumber Features through Vimux
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Heavily inspired by Vimux-ruby-test. Most of the codebase is directly taken from that plugin itself.

  • Run the feature your cursor is currently on
  • Run the entire feature you are working in
  • Streaming output to tmux via vimux


Use any of the commands below. Map them to shortcuts in your .vimrc for easy access.

  • RunFocusedCuke - run focused cuke
  • RunAllCukes - run all cukes in the current file

IMPORTANT: if you use this plugin and Vimux-Ruby-Test, you may want to share the same shortcut. If you do, you can use the following configuration:

if exists('$TMUX')
  autocmd FileType ruby map <buffer> <Leader>f :RunRubyFocusedTest<CR>
  autocmd FileType ruby map <buffer> <Leader>t :RunAllRubyTests<CR>
  autocmd FileType cucumber map <Leader>f :RunFocusedCuke<CR>
  autocmd FileType cucumber map <Leader>t :RunAllCukes<CR>

This assumes that your Vim configuration recognizes Cucumber features with the cucumber file type.


Put the contents of this directory into your pathogen bundle. That's it!


  • vim with ruby support (compiled +ruby)
  • vimux


Original code by: