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Pointed run.js to the right watcher.c file
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.gitignore build: add Makefile
Makefile build: add Makefile Update
monitor.js Improved monitor and unix_probes with run.js support
package.json added package descriptor
probe_server.js Fixes and tweaks.
probes.js Fixes and tweaks.
probes_test.js Refactor to include probes and probes library (and example unix_probes
run.js Pointed run.js to the right watcher.c file
runjs probe
unix_probes.js unix probes now every 10s
watcher.c watcher: make function args const


Run.js is a CLI tool that manages and daemonizes your node.js processes. It monitors running applications, collects logs and makes sure they are always running. Run.js is developed by and used on a production environment to monitor all services by Cloud9 IDE.

First use

When using run.js, please use the stable branch.

# clone the repo
$ git clone git://
# checkout stable branch
$ git checkout stable
# compile the binary on your platform
$ ./runjs

# link the runjs folder in your PATH or symlink in your own project folder
# $ ln -s $PWD/runjs /usr/local/bin/runjs

Control your application

Runjs works with tag names, that you refer to in your commands.

# list all managed processes (+ state)

# start a node script
runjs start -t:TAGNAME /path/to/nodejs/file.js -other -command -line -options

# view logs
runjs tail TAGNAME

# restart process
runjs restart TAGNAME

# stop process
runjs stop TAGNAME

# panic, kill all runjs monitored processes
runjs panic
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