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Deploy Prometheus Alertmanager service
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Ansible Role: alertmanager

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Deploy and manage Prometheus alertmanager service using ansible.


  • Ansible >= 2.6 (It might work on previous versions, but we cannot guarantee it)

It would be nice to have prometheus installed somewhere

Role Variables

All variables which can be overridden are stored in defaults/main.yml file as well as in table below.

Name Default Value Description
alertmanager_version 0.16.1 Alertmanager package version. Also accepts latest as parameter.
alertmanager_web_listen_address Address on which alertmanager will be listening
alertmanager_web_external_url http://localhost:9093/ External address on which alertmanager is available. Useful when behind reverse proxy. Ex.
alertmanager_config_dir /etc/alertmanager Path to directory with alertmanager configuration
alertmanager_db_dir /var/lib/alertmanager Path to directory with alertmanager database
alertmanager_config_file alertmanager.yml.j2 Variable used to provide custom alertmanager configuration file in form of ansible template
alertmanager_config_flags_extra {} Additional configuration flags passed to prometheus binary at startup
alertmanager_template_files ['alertmanager/templates/*.tmpl'] List of folders where ansible will look for template files which will be copied to {{ alertmanager_config_dir }}/templates/. Files must have *.tmpl extension
alertmanager_resolve_timeout 3m Time after which an alert is declared resolved
alertmanager_smtp {} SMTP (email) configuration
alertmanager_slack_api_url "" Slack webhook url
alertmanager_pagerduty_url "" Pagerduty webhook url
alertmanager_opsgenie_api_key "" Opsgenie webhook key
alertmanager_opsgenie_api_url "" Opsgenie webhook url
alertmanager_hipchat_api_url "" Hipchat webhook url
alertmanager_hipchat_auth_token "" Hipchat authentication token
alertmanager_wechat_url "" Enterprise WeChat webhook url
alertmanager_wechat_secret "" Enterprise WeChat secret token
alertmanager_wechat_corp_id "" Enterprise WeChat corporation id
alertmanager_cluster {} HA cluster network configuration. More information in alertmanager readme
alertmanager_receivers [] A list of notification receivers. Configuration same as in official docs
alertmanager_inhibit_rules [] List of inhibition rules. Same as in official docs
alertmanager_route {} Alert routing. More in official docs
alertmanager_child_routes [] List of child routes.



- hosts: all
    - cloudalchemy.alertmanager

Demo site

We provide demo site for full monitoring solution based on prometheus and grafana. Repository with code and links to running instances is available on github and site is hosted on DigitalOcean.

Local Testing

The preferred way of locally testing the role is to use Docker and molecule (v2.x). You will have to install Docker on your system. See "Get started" for a Docker package suitable to for your system. We are using tox to simplify process of testing on multiple ansible versions. To install tox execute:

pip3 install tox

To run tests on all ansible versions (WARNING: this can take some time)


To run a custom molecule command on custom environment with only default test scenario:

tox -e py35-ansible28 -- molecule test -s default

For more information about molecule go to their docs.

If you would like to run tests on remote docker host just specify DOCKER_HOST variable before running tox tests.

Travis CI

Combining molecule and travis CI allows us to test how new PRs will behave when used with multiple ansible versions and multiple operating systems. This also allows use to create test scenarios for different role configurations. As a result we have a quite large test matrix which will take more time than local testing, so please be patient.


See contributor guideline.


This project is licensed under MIT License. See LICENSE for more details.

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