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Use CloudAMQP in Java from Heroku

This project illustrates how to use the Java client AMQP library to access CloudAMQP from Heroku.

It consists of one worker which listens to a queue and prints the messages to the console (and thus to the Heroku log), and a "oneoff" process which enqeues messages to that queue.

For more information on AMQP and how to use it from Java, see RabbitMQ's tutorial.


Clone this repo, create a heroku application, add the CloudAMQP addon, push the app to Heroku, start a worker (it's free), run the "one off" process, inspect the log.

$ git clone git://

$ heroku create --stack cedar
Creating growing-spring-2298... done, stack is cedar |
Git remote heroku added

$ heroku addons:add cloudamqp:lemur
----> Adding cloudamqp:lemur to growing-spring-2298... done, v5 (free)

$ git push heroku master
Counting objects: 388, done.
Delta compression using up to 4 threads.
Compressing objects: 100% (148/148), done.
Writing objects: 100% (388/388), 56.33 KiB, done.
Total 388 (delta 151), reused 379 (delta 149)

-----> Heroku receiving push
-----> Java app detected output...

$ heroku scale worker=1
Scaling worker processes... done, now running 1

$ heroku run "sh target/bin/oneoff"
Running sh target/bin/oneoff attached to terminal... up, run.1
 [x] Sent 'Hello CloudAMQP!'

$ heroku logs
2012-03-28T16:59:59+00:00 app[worker.1]:  [*] Waiting for messages
2012-03-28T17:02:34+00:00 heroku[api]: Scale to worker=1 by
2012-03-28T17:03:05+00:00 heroku[run.1]: State changed from created to starting
2012-03-28T17:03:06+00:00 app[run.1]: Awaiting client
2012-03-28T17:03:06+00:00 app[run.1]: Starting process with command `sh target/bin/oneoff`
2012-03-28T17:03:06+00:00 heroku[run.1]: State changed from starting to up
2012-03-28T17:03:07+00:00 app[worker.1]:  [x] Received 'Hello CloudAMQP!'
2012-03-28T17:03:08+00:00 heroku[run.1]: Process exited with status 0
2012-03-28T17:03:08+00:00 heroku[run.1]: State changed from up to complete
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