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from .resource import Resource
import json
class Index(Resource):
Methods for design document indexes.
Different kinds of indexes will behave differently, so here are helpful docs:
* [Lucene search indexes](
* [Secondary indexes / "views"](
Then, you just use basic HTTP methods to perform queries, like this:
Remember, before you can query an index, you have to make sure it's in your database.
See [these docs](
for how to do that.
def __iter__(self, **kwargs):
response = self.get(stream=True, **kwargs)
# block until result if the object is using async
if hasattr(response, 'result'):
response = response.result()
for line in response.iter_lines():
line = line.decode('utf-8')
if line:
if line[-1] == ',':
line = line[:-1]
yield json.loads(line)
except (TypeError, ValueError):
# if we can't decode a line, ignore it
def iter(self, **kwargs):
Like the magic method `__iter__`, but allows you to
pass query parameters, like so:
view = db.view('...')
options = {
'key': 'thegoodstuff',
'include_docs': True
for row in view.iter(params=options):
# emits only rows with the key 'thegoodstuff'
# with each row's emitting document
return self.__iter__(**kwargs)