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The Cloudant documentation, built using slate. Check it out here.

For more info on how the documentation works, see the Slate wiki.


If you want to work on the docs locally, install Ruby and bundler, then do this:

git clone
cd slate
bundle install
bundle exec middleman server

Alternatively, you can use Vagrant and Virtualbox to set up a development environment. Once Vagrant and Virtualbox have been installed, run

git clone
cd slate
sudo vagrant up

In both cases, your docs site will be reachable at http://localhost:4567/.

Note that the search bar will not work locally because it uses Cloudant's search handler.


The Cloudant documentation is updated whenever the master branch of this repository sees a new commit, thanks to Travis and CouchApp. So, to contribute changes to the docs, just make a pull request! You can find all the copy in the intro or in the includes directory.

For more details on what we expect from contributions, see CONTRIBUTING.MD.

Happy hacking!


MIT, yo.