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Add a script to create a source tarball

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1 parent 8bbd833 commit 2e1054abbb568e400204e8afcf21cf91085f0f3b Robert Newson committed Nov 2, 2011
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+#!/bin/sh -e
+COUCHDB_VERSION=`git describe --match 1.*`
+BIGCOUCH_VERSION=`git describe`
+rm -rf .tmp
+git archive HEAD --prefix=.tmp/bigcouch/ | tar xf -
+pushd .tmp/bigcouch
+git init
+git add --all
+git commit -m "Tarball commit"
+git tag -m "CouchDB version" "$COUCHDB_VERSION"
+echo "This is the release tarball for $BIGCOUCH_VERSION" > BUILD
+git add BUILD
+git commit -am "Tarball commit"
+git tag -m "BigCouch version" "$BIGCOUCH_VERSION"
+tar czf $BIGCOUCH_VERSION.tar.gz -C .tmp bigcouch
+rm -rf .tmp

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