Warning error with no proper message #109

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I am currently struggling with a bulk insert error that is occuring with a small set of documents:


Is there a way to find out what the reason "{24,43}" means (sometimes "{24,499}"). Unfortunately i am not able to reproduce the error every time and all documents are in the database, but it would be very helpful to get a proper message.
The complete size of all documents in that bulk insert is about ~1MB.

Thx alot!

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Yeah, that's a bad match. Do you perhaps have a docid repeated in a call to _bulk_docs?


Sorry, for the late reply!

No, all docids are unique in each call - and the database does respond with an error for a specific document if it already exits - this is, of course, valid.
The interesting part is, that all documents have been created successfully and there are no missing docs. That is why this warning is so disturbing and leaves a "bad taste" :)


Experiencing a similar issue on cloudant. Here's server response:

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