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12741 replication seq format #76

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JSON encode the new seq format


I'm worried about how this will work with plain old integer sequences. Adding quotes around the integers seems like it could screw with CouchDB <=> BigCouch replication.

using couchdb master I've tried replications in both directions, initiating the replication from both bigcouch and couchdb. So far so good


fyi: the iolist_to_binary doesn't appear to be necessary. I replicated fine without it. What's the reason for it?

it probably is belt and suspenders, and an artifact from trying to fix it in full_url, which would be preferable as there are a few other paths thru that code. There's a couple of bugs also in _replicator db so we can revisit it when we fix those.


As I mentioned on IRC, I'm satisfied that this is safe and the right thing to do. couch_rep_httpc:full_uri/1 calls to_list/1 on the query-string values, so our conversion from integer to binary string won't cause any problems there. Let's merge to master and 0.4.x.

@kocolosk kocolosk merged commit df394dd into master
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Commits on Oct 17, 2011
  1. Fix seq problem in full_uri by encoding

    Bob Dionne authored
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2  apps/couch/src/couch_rep.erl
@@ -834,7 +834,7 @@ ensure_full_commit(#http_db{headers = Headers} = Source, RequiredSeq) ->
Req = Source#http_db{
resource = "_ensure_full_commit",
method = post,
- qs = [{seq, RequiredSeq}],
+ qs = [{seq, iolist_to_binary(?JSON_ENCODE(RequiredSeq))}],
headers = Headers1
{ResultProps} = couch_rep_httpc:request(Req),
2  apps/couch/src/couch_rep_changes_feed.erl
@@ -64,7 +64,7 @@ init([Parent, #http_db{headers = Headers0} = Source, Since, PostProps]) ->
BaseQS = [
{"style", all_docs},
{"heartbeat", 10000},
- {"since", Since},
+ {"since", iolist_to_binary(?JSON_ENCODE(Since))},
{"feed", Feed}
{QS, Method, Body, Headers} = case get_value(<<"doc_ids">>, PostProps) of
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