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Chttpd 1.4.6
* Monitor attachment fd during GET
* Report errors when _changes is called with bad arguments
* Improve UTF-8 validation of attachment names


Chttpd 1.4.5
* Add support for descending=true argument to search queries.
* Don't send errors midstream
* Expose latest=true option in calls to retrieve revisions
* Fix URL rewriting for key/startkey/endkey qs params
* Send attachment encoding information
* Support jsonp in externals
* Support placement param when creating db's


Chttpd 1.4.4
* Support the keys parameter in GET requests.
* Include line number in json_stack if possible
* Support X-HTTP-Method-Override for POST requests
* Handle {ok, stopped} response to replicator termination


Chttpd 1.4.4 (for bigcouchplus)
* Add search 2.0 endpoints


Chttpd 1.4.3 (for bigcouch+)
* handle {ok, stopped} for replication
* add ejje support


Cluster HTTPd 1.4.3
* Handle uncaught exceptions from spawned process


Cluster HTTPd 1.4.2
* Wait for all attachment bytes to be received
* Receive only as many attachment bytes as expected
* call fabric:update_doc in spawned process


Cluster HTTPd 1.4.1
* Fix error handling when a delayed response has not yet begun


Cluster HTTPd 1.4.0
* Support reader list access controls.

* Improve error handling on streaming responses by delaying the start
  of the response until there's data to send, responding with a 5xx
  status code if a crash happens before the response has started, and
  abruptly terminating the response without cleaning up if an error
  happens mid-response.

* Improve resource utilization and restore idempotency of _replicate
  tasks by deterministically assigning them to cluster nodes.

* Return 202 Accepted if document is written but we fail to meet quorum.

* Support custom write quorums on POSTs (thanks Mike Wallace).

* Use a simple majority as the default quorum.

* Merge updates to the HTTP layer from CouchDB 1.1, including HTTPS
  support (thanks Benoit Chesneau).


Cluster HTTPd 1.3.1
* Prevent crash on method_not_allowed error response
* Encode authorization headers correctly on replication hacks
* Improve validation of _changes sequences
* Add UUID to external/update handler request object
* Grab peer early to avoid logging crash on client disconnect
* Fix doc_from_multi_part_stream handling for CouchDB 1.0.3


Cluster HTTPd 1.2.2
* Support custom write quorums for _bulk_docs (FB 11819)
* Only parse request body as a form if Method =:= 'POST' (FB 11882)


Cluster HTTPd 1.3.0
* Support multiple queries in a single _view POST
* Add more detailed info to _system resource
* Support per-request write quorums for _bulk_docs


Chttpd 1.0.4
* Initial open source release


Cluster HTTPd 1.2.1
This patch release ports HTTP layer patches in CouchDB 1.0.2 including

* Send replication errors as strings if JSON encoding fails
* Use comma as media type separator in Accept header
* Allow reduce=false parameter in map-only views (COUCHDB-881)
* Send unauthorized instead of db_not_found when remote URL in
  replicator request does not have required credentials
* Make the doc multipart GET APIs always send attachments compressed
* Remove unguarded atom creation to prevent DOS attacks (COUCHDB-829)

The release also fixes a bug breaking _show/_list/_update functions and
_changes filters (BigCouch 36) and removes the stacktrace from 404
responses to restore replication checkpointing (BigCouch 37).


Cluster HTTPD 1.2.0
Bugs Squashed
* Cleanly terminate view responses on timeout
* Fix attachment uploads on persistent connections, BigCouch #7
* Respect allow_jsonp setting in serve config
* Port workaround for conflicted attachments from COUCHDB-902
* Use stock CouchDB authn handlers to eliminate incompatibilities

Features Added
* Assign a unique ID to each request
* Include sanitized stacktrace in JSON error responses
* Generate _all_dbs directly from shard_db so it's never stale


Cluster HTTPD 1.1.0
* Return well-formed response for reduce view with zero rows
* Pass user-specified write quorum to fabric
* Support view index cleanup
* Support filtered _changes
* Accept logins with 'name' instead of 'username'
* Fix bug preventing replication from working at all
* Fix undef crash when asking for a _temp_view
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